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Genitallica presents its new single «La muerte se puso de moda»

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Genitallica's new single (Photo: Instagram)
  • Genitallica releases single: «La muerte se puso de moda.»
  • It fuses corrido tumbado with punk.
  • The loyalty of his fans

Today, for MundoNOW, we had a conversation with Andrés and Gallo, members of the legendary rock and reggae band Genitallica.

During this chat, they unveiled the release of their new single «La muerte se puso de moda» («Death Became Fashionable»).

This track marks the beginning of a new chapter in the band’s career, commemorating their 25 years of journey.

But before you continue reading, we invite you to download HERE the podcast La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas.


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Genitallica explores the Corridos Tumbados

genitallica, death became fashionable, lying down, rock
PHOTO: Criteria

Genitallica, renowned as the quintessential band from Monterrey, surprises with a unique style by blending «corrido tumbado» with elements of ska punk.

However, they maintain their characteristic irreverent touch and dark humor, which has distinguished them since previous hits like «Borracho» with mariachi.

«We’re going to take on this challenge and we’re going to modernize, we’re going to explore ‘corridos tumbados’,» affirms Andrés, Genitallica’s drummer.

The band delves into this genre with enthusiasm, discovering talented young artists and immersing themselves in the cultural richness of «corridos.»

«La muerte se puso de moda»

Natanael cano, featherweight, bsrp, mexican music, reagge
PHOTO: Criteria

The music video for «La Muerte se Puso de Moda» is not only visually striking but also addresses important social issues.

It depicts the influence of messages in childhood about death and organized crime.

The band highlights the growing concern about the distorted perception that children have of these topics.

«We were pleasantly surprised to find young and talented kids making corridos,» expressed Andrés.

A little about its beginnings

rock in mexico, inspector, maná, regional mexican music
PHOTO: Criteria

Gallo and Andrés share how the band has evolved since its beginnings to achieve its current recognition:

«It was a time when Monterrey was part of a significant movement.»

«In the second half of the nineties, all these bands started to emerge, like Control Machete, El Gran Silencio,» recalls Gallo.

Both band members remembered all those tough moments they had to go through to become the great band they are today.

Genitallica: Its success over the years

Nothing is the same anymore, imagine genitalica, the legend, I'll go with anyone
PHOTO: Criteria

Genitallica’s success stems from their positive attitude and their ability to connect with the audience through their humor and authentic lyrics.

«Not taking ourselves too seriously has been the key,» explain the band members.

Their spontaneous and sincere style has captured fans’ hearts for over two decades.

With «La muerte se puso de moda,» Genitallica continues to push musical and social boundaries.

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