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Gas station clerk accused of taking inappropriate photos of women

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Hispanic accused of taking photos, Latino, arrest, jail
Gas station clerk accused of taking inappropriate photos (Photo: Somerset County prosecutor)
  • Gas station clerk accused of taking photos up women’s skirts.
  • Miguel Ángel Melchor Gómez has been arrested.
  • He’s also accused of taking videos.

A gas station clerk is accused of taking indecent photos of customers at the Circle Convenience Store.

This happened to hundreds of customers over nearly two years.

The defendant worked as a cashier and used his mobile phone to film up the shorts or skirts of unsuspecting female victims.

This was reported by Somerset County Prosecutor John P. Mcdonald in a statement.

Miguel Ángel Melchor Gómez is accused of taking inappropriate photos

Hispanic accused of taking photos, Latino, arrest, jail / PHOTO: Somerset County prosecutor
PHOTO: Somerset County prosecutor

The investigation against Miguel Ángel Melchor Gómez, 54, began earlier this year.

On October 11, the prosecutor’s office announced through its Facebook account that the suspect was under arrest and was charged with 12 counts.

He stated that the «defendant either pretended that the credit card machine malfunctioned and directed his victims to the counter where he would stand close to his victim to complete the purchase, or defendant would position himself very close to the victim.»

Authorities presume that Gómez did this to hundreds of women.

He is in serious legal trouble

arrest, statement, police, agents, officers
PHOTO: Somerset County Prosecutor

He took the photos between December 2021 to August 19, 2023, when he left his position at the gas station.

«The vast majority of the victims are adults, but several of his victims are under 18 years of age,» the prosecutor stated.

At the time of the arrest, the police seized Gómez’s cell phone and a forensic scan of the device was performed.

«For now there is no evidence that he shared or disseminated the videos,» the statement details.

Police ask anyone who suspects they were a victim to come forward

gas station, harassment, women, victims, Hispanic
PHOTO: Getty Images

Police are still investigating Gómez’s crimes.

The detectives in charge of the case are calling on those who visited the store in the last 22 months to come forward if they believe they may have been victims.

Police say they can do this by reviewing credit card receipts and photos of clothes they were wearing that day.

Anyone who thinks they are a victim should contact the Watchung Police Department.

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