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Galilea Montijo’s ex’s alleged cheating led to their divorce

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  • Allegedly Galilea Montijo’s ex-husband was unfaithful.
  • This may have led to their divorce.
  • The host’s ex is said to be expecting a new baby!

Galilea Montijo’s ex-husband was unfaithful: On March 11 Hoy host Galilea Montijo announced she and her husband Fernando Reina were divorcing after eleven years of marriage. Everyone was shocked by the news.

This happened shortly after Andrea Legarreta announced her split from Erik Rubín, and Tania Rincón also announced her divorce. Now rumors have emerged that Fernando Reina may have cheated.

Was Galilea Montijo’s ex-husband unfaithful?

They assure that the ex-husband of Galilea Montijo was unfaithful
PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to speculation, Galilea Montijo was betrayed by her husband of 11 years, Fernando Reina. According to Debate, the host and ex-beauty queen had to deal with the idea that her husband had a new love.

It’s rumored that Galilea’s husband had been very careful to keep his alleged affair from his wife and from the media.

Will Fernando Reina become a father again?

They assure that the ex-husband of Galilea Montijo was unfaithful
PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to Debate, Fernando Reina was caught leaving a supermarket with a mysterious young woman who was clearly not Galilea Montijo. Allegedly this happened after their divorce.

Now rumors are swirling that Fernando Reina is about to become a father again with a younger woman. So far nothing is confirmed.

What do people say on social media?

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Since these new rumors started circulating, people have been saying a lot about the gossip that Reina could become a father again.

«That’s what she says, that months ago they separated and they are even divorced, in that environment they do everything to keep up appearances.» «Surely she no longer wanted to give him children, that’s why he did it like that.» «He who kills with iron, to iron dies.”

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