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Galilea Montijo shows off a pricey red bodysuit and is criticized

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  • Galilea Montijo showed off an expensive bodysuit on LCDLF.
  • The host’s outfit is said to be valued at more than $1,200.
  • She ended up being harshly criticized on social media.

Galilea Montijo sparked controversy when she appeared on eviction night for La Casa de los Famosos México wearing an oxblood bodysuit that caught the attention of the Team Infierno members. They claimed that she had dressed up specifically for the occasion and it was later revealed that the outfit she wore had a price tag of around $1,200.

Although she had on a designer look, Galilea Montijo faced harsh criticism on social media. Many users commented that her outfit looked «ordinary» and called for the production to hire a better stylist. In response to the backlash, the popular Mexican television personality did not showcase her outfit online and only shared a photo with her team.


Photo: Mezcalent

During the tense moments leading up to the elimination of Paul Stanley on La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, internet users were buzzing about Galilea Montijo’s outfit. The host donned a form-fitting oxblood bodysuit that caught the audience’s attention.

According to El Heraldo, Galilea Montijo wore a high-end ensemble, specifically the Hip Cut Out Jumpsuit by LaQuan Smith, which is valued at over $1,200. However, despite its designer status, the outfit faced criticism from members of the Team Infierno, including Sergio Mayer, Nicola Porcella, Poncho De Nigris, Apio Quijano, Emilio Osorio, and Wendy Guevara. Furthermore, social media users expressed their disapproval of the ensemble.

«So vulgar»

"what current"
Photo: Mezcalent

The clothing choices of the hosts of La Casa de los Famosos México sparked a viral discussion on social media, particularly focusing on Galilea Montijo’s team. Internet users were quick to criticize their attire, suggesting that they should learn to dress appropriately for a gala and strive for a more distinctive style. Some even said they looked like strippers.

Comments on social media expressed frustration with the hosts’ wardrobe choices: «They look ordinary, they’re too old to be using that and more on television.» «Dress the hosts well @GalileaMontijo @ceci_galliano, it seems as if they were going to the strip club, what gala? They look like pros…”

«They must look elegant»

Galilea Montijo wardrobe reviews: "They must look elegant"
Photo: Mezcalent

Internet users expressed their disappointment with the looks worn by Galilea Montijo and Cecilia Galiano on the show, suggesting that they should have presented a different image. Many criticized the stylists for selecting clothing that did not align with the formality of the event.

One viewer tweeted: «I’m not kidding, the outfit of the two hosts today was very ugly. They’re the face of the program, I think they should look elegant, they are both pretty and have a great body, but today their outfit did not favor them at all.»

Galilea Montijo critics wardrobe: «Accept your age»

Galilea Montijo wardrobe reviews: "accept your age"
Photo: Mezcalent

While some people praised Galilea Montijo for her figure, others thought her outfit wasn’t age appropriate. They suggested seeking expert style help.

«She looked ridiculous.» «Change the host.» «She looks so vulgar with that outfit.» «Even the fabric looks super cheap.» «I love Galilea Montijo and I have always loved her outfits, but lately the outfits that they wear at the gala…,” some tweeted.

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