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Galilea Montijo heats things up in a bikini at 49 years old!

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  • The Mexican host made temperatures rise with her enviable figure.
  • Galilea is celebrating turning 49!
  • The host says she’s going through a difficult time.

Galilea Montijo in a bikini: The host from Guadalajara celebrated her birthday recently on the Hoy show. Her colleagues celebrated her in the best way. With an incredible cake, a taquiza, gifts and more! Galilea was so overcome with emotion that she cried, thanking everyone for her unconditional love.

The 49-year-old Mexican host made an impact yesterday by posting a video wearing a beautiful sheer dress. Now, she has everyone speechless after revealing her stunning figure in a bikini. See how good Gali looks!

Galilea surprised everyone with her stunning figure!

Galilea Montijo in bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

The former beauty queen went to celebrate her 49th birthday on the beaches of Acapulco. She shared a photograph of herself posing with a glass of wine in her hand. Galilea is seen wearing a purple bikini, her hair loose and a hat to protect herself from the sun. The brunette thanked her followers for her congratulations.

“Happy birthday to me, may we never miss #agüitadejamaica and health! Thank you for all your messages,» wrote the host of the morning show Hoy. The post, with almost 160,000 likes, has many comments from her followers. Filed Under: Galilea Montijo in a bikini

Celebrities congratulated the Mexican host

Galilea Montijo in bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

Celebrities congratulated Galilea on her birthday. One was Andrea Legarreta, a close friend and co-host of Hoy alongside Galilea Montijo. On yesterday’s show, Montijo received video congratulations from celebrities such as Chiquis Rivera, Julión Álvarez, and other artists.

The host got comments of all kinds, asking her to share ‘tips’ on how to stay young, wondering if she underwent any weight-loss surgery. «Don’t keep your beauty secret, every birthday you are more beautiful, but what did you do to yourself?» «You are the most beautiful birthday girl.» «You look incredible.» «You are getting younger and younger.»

Galilea made a tearful confession

PHOTO: Instagram

Although the host has been happy and most grateful as she celebrates her birthday, at the beginning of the month, Galilea Montijo, who is already part of the cast of Netas Dividas, confessed that she is going through a difficult time. The beautiful Guadalajara tearfully confessed what she would say to the Galilea of the past.

“I would tell her: ‘Don’t be afraid of anything’, because apart from that I’ve always told myself, you know? In one way or another, I have always been very hard on myself. I’ve had a hard time dealing with this part of ‘Yes, you’re cool * in what you have done, good or bad, they like it, they don’t like it, it has cost me.’” Filed Under: Galilea Montijo in a bikini

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