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Gaby Spanic reveals infidelity of one of her ex-boyfriends with Geraldine Bazán

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Gaby Spanic Unveils Infidelity, Relationship, Cheating, MundoNow, News
Gaby Spanic unveils infidelity (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Gaby Spanic Unveils Infidelity.
  • Intimate confessions about personal life.
  • Story of love betrayal.

The esteemed Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic has opened up a chapter of her personal life, revealing that a former boyfriend was unfaithful to her with another actress.

She shared this during a candid and heartfelt conversation with the renowned journalist Matilde Obregón.

In this discussion, she recounted episodes from her private life, claiming to have been the victim of misconduct during various television projects.

Best known for her roles as a villain in soap operas, Spanic confided in Matilde Obregón about a painful experience of betrayal through infidelity.

Gaby Spanic Unveils Infidelity

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Photo: Mezcalent

Seventeen years ago, Gaby Spanic experienced a personal setback when her then-partner allegedly engaged in an affair with Geraldine Bazán, a fellow actress with whom she shared the screen in ‘Secretos de Villanas.’

This revelation emerged during a conversation in which they reminisced about the time she started dating a Hispanic man residing in Miami.

The incident transpired during the filming of the telenovela ‘Tierra de Ciencias’ in 2006, where Spanic and Bazán were both on set.

Gabriel Soto’s former partner, reportedly, took an interest in Gaby’s boyfriend at the time, a Venezuelan musician known as ‘Lolo.’

Is Geraldine Bazán the third wheel?

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Photo: Mezcalent

«We were discussing a boyfriend you had in Miami, whom you discovered was cheating on you, remember?» Matilde Obregón asked Gaby.

The actress responded with a laugh, ‘Yes, with Geraldine Bazán.’ According to Spanic, Bazán had shown interest in ‘Lolo’ while he was still in a relationship with her.

«I was dating Lolo, a super handsome young Venezuelan guy, very charming,» began the villain of ‘La Usurpadora.’

«And she seemed to take a liking to my boyfriend, and he eventually confessed to me that they were together,» Gaby Spanic shared with Matilde Obregón.

Infidelity and confessions of Gaby Spanic

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Photo: Mezcalent

Spanic asserts that Geraldine has denied this alleged affair, claiming that their interaction was limited to a trip to Disneyland together.

«She denies it, calls it my lie, oh please, I’m not foolish… this girl was after him all along,» she stressed.

«I forgave his infidelity with her, but eventually I got fed up, so later I just said ‘bye, bye’. At that time, it was irrelevant, we were young,» she explained.

«I respect and appreciate her, but it did happen. I have never been involved with someone else’s partner, I have never interfered in a marriage, ever,» Gaby declared.

Reminiscences of a painful past

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Photo: Mezcalent

«That drains your life, so don’t complain later,» remarked the former contestant of Telemundo’s ‘La Casa de los Famosos.’

Despite the incident from years ago, Gaby Spanic and Geraldine Bazán now share a cordial relationship, free from animosity.

She affirmed that even though Gabriel Soto’s ex-partner seemingly intervened in their relationship, they managed to build a positive rapport during ‘Secretos de Villanas.’

However, the Venezuelan actress didn’t limit her discussion to just the infidelity she experienced with her ex-boyfriend and Geraldine Bazán.

The difficulties she faces in her career

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Photo: Mezcalent

During the conversation, Gaby spoke candidly about the reasons behind the frequent criticism she faces on social media.

«I am very proud of myself. Do you know why they criticize me so much? It’s because I have guts, because I am transparent,» she declared.

«Because everything I have achieved has been through hard work, because I come from humble beginnings,» revealed the actress, remembered for her villainous roles.

She pointed out, «They call me «You foreign bastard, let’s ruin her,» excuse my frankness, but it’s the truth. So many things have been said about me.»

Valuing personal improvement

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Gaby Spanic reveals infidelity-Photo: Mezcalent

In this intimate disclosure during her conversation with the Mexican journalist, Gaby Spanic provides a unique insight into her past.

She also shares her struggles and how she has confronted the adversity that has accompanied her extensive acting career.

Furthermore, she suggested that she has been preserving her integrity and prioritizing personal growth over criticism and judgment.

To watch Gaby Spanic’s interview where she reveals her partner’s infidelity, CLICK HERE.

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