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Chronicle: Freddy Reyes Martínez went overboard with guns and drugs!

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  • Freddy Reyes Martínez went overboard with guns and drugs!
  • He did not know that the authorities were already hot on his heels.
  • The authorities did not expect to find so many illegal things in his home.

Georgia is one of the 26 states in the US with the greatest access to firearms and with the fewest restrictions on being able to carry or possess them. Despite this, under current laws, no one with a serious criminal record may possess or carry weapons under any circumstances.

However, what the law requires does not seem to have mattered at all to Freddy Reyes Martínez, He lives in the city of Douglasville, northwest of Atlanta. This man had in his possession, not one, but several, firearms and not only pistols, but even assault rifles.

He didn’t care about the law

Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martinez
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

In fact, in Georgia he has been imprisoned on several occasions for committing various serious crimes. The last time, he was in jail for more than a year, which makes him unfit to possess firearms according to state law.

Despite this, Freddy Reyes Martínez never learned his lesson and, in recent years, he expanded his ‘business’ during the Covid pandemic. He had dedicated himself to the preparation and distribution of dangerous narcotics in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Filed Under: Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martínez

Freddy Martínez was arrested by the DEA

Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martinez
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Obviously, Freddy’s overnight prosperity did not go unnoticed by state and federal authorities, who quickly set their sights on him. They let him move as he wanted, but they were nipping at his heels without him noticing. They were waiting for the right moment to stop him.

Last week the long-awaited moment occurred. Two groups of men dressed in civilian clothes, but heavily armed, arrived at his house. They were undercover agents from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Filed Under: Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martínez

Authorities found much more than they expected

Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martinez

The police knew that he was involved in drugs and that he was possibly even armed, but they never imagined how much they would find on his property. When they raided his house, they found a large amount of drugs and several firearms, two of them considered long-range rifles.

There was a total of 12 kilograms of cocaine, whose value on the black market exceeds $264,000. In passing, four firearms were seized, including a pistol, a revolver, a shotgun and an AR-15 rifle. Since he is already listed as a convicted felon, all of that will be used against him in court. Freddy is being held without bail. Thanks for reading my chronicle from today on Mundo Hispánico Until next time. Filed Under: Chronicle Freddy Reyes Martínez

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