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Francisco Oropesa’s wife could be deported

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Esposa de Francisco Oropesa podría ser deportada
  • Francisco Oropesa’s wife was accused of a felony.
  • Divamara Lamar Nava stated in court that she is Mexican.
  • She could now face deportation.

Dressed in a white uniform with pink stripes, orange shoes and handcuffed with a chain at her waist, Divimara Lamar Nava, wife of the alleged perpetrator of the massacre in Texas, appeared before a judge.

During the hearing, which lasted less than 15 minutes, the judge informed Francisco Oropesa’s wife that she was charged with a felony: hindering the arrest or prosecution of a known criminal.

Divamara is between a rock and a hard place with her immigration status

Between a rock and a hard place with his immigration status

The crime is a third-degree felony that could carry a penalty of «two to ten years in prison and up to a $10,000 bail,» the judge said.

Later, the news that the Judge gave Lamar Nava would surprise her, since it put her between a rock and a hard place with her immigration status.

The defendant stated that she was Mexican

The defendant replied that she was Mexican.

“I have been informed that you have an immigration hold. I just have a few questions about this,” said the magistrate, while asking her what her country of origin was and if she wanted the consulate of her nation to be notified.

The defendant replied that she was Mexican and that she did not want the Mexican consulate to be notified of the charges being brought against her.

Francisco Oropesa’s wife could now face deportation

The woman could now face deportation

Francisco Oropesa’s wife could now face deportation, according to lawyer Rolando Vásquez, in an interview with MundoNOW.

“In this scenario, a state judge gives the lady bail. ICE sends a statement to the State saying that it detains her”, this would be the procedure, according to Vásquez.

She will have the right to defense

She will have the right to defense

Subsequently, state officials “put her in a detention center for ICE. There they will have 48 hours to present her before an immigration judge and there will be charges for the removal of this person from the country.”

The lawyer claims that she will have the right to defense, through an immigration lawyer, who would be in charge of «knowing what kind of relief she can have in this scenario.»

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