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Francisca shows off her pregnant belly in a tight dress and looks ridiculous

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Francisca's pregnant belly, Despierta América, Host, MundoNow, News
Francisca's pregnant belly (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Francisca’s pregnant belly.
  • It looks tight dressed in fishnets.
  • Criticisms are present

On August 11, the well-known Dominican presenter Francisca excitedly shared the news of her pregnancy with her followers.

She made this announcement through her social media platforms and on the popular show ‘Despierta América’, where she received an outpouring of love and congratulations.

As the months passed, Francisca has proudly showcased her baby bump. However, recently she did so in a manner that was met with disapproval by her followers.

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Photo: MundoNow

The noticeable growth of the host’s belly had already captured the attention of internet users, who eagerly speculated about her pregnancy.

Following the official confirmation, Francisca is now in the final stages of her pregnancy, savoring every moment with her family and close ones.

In her excitement, the presenter shared a short reel on her social media, proudly displaying her prominent pregnant belly.

It was through her official Instagram account that the ‘Despierta América’ host published the video.

Francisca’s pregnant belly causes controversy on social media

Host, Univisión, Television, Celebrities, Francisca shows off her pregnancy belly
Photo: Mezcalent

In the video, she is seen wearing a form-fitting dress with black and white prints that accentuates her belly, paired with long boots, exuding a simple yet elegant style.

Additionally, the charismatic host sports her curly hair tied up and opts for neutral, subtle makeup.

«Good morning. Life is beautiful… Today this belly turns 33 weeks… How are you?» she wrote in the caption of her video.

However, the reactions from her followers were markedly different from what the Dominican presenter might have anticipated.

The pregnancy reel controversy

Presenter, Program, Social Networks, Instagram, Celebrities
Photo: Mezcalent

While some followers expressed affection and congratulations, critical comments quickly emerged.

«I hope she has a girl,» «She should have dressed more decently during her pregnancy, the only thing left was for her to go out without clothes,» some commented.

«That Franco is going to be a powerful little man!», «It’s like you’ve been pregnant for two years,» «Pregnancy suits you well,» others remarked.

«I like the dress,» «A basketball belly,» «Peasant woman,» «Why do you rub your belly so ridiculously? Try to attract less attention and be more professional,» were among the varied expressions from her audience.

Francisca’s responses and attitude

Controversy, Criticism, Messages, Reactions, Controversy
Photo: Mezcalent

In response to the criticisms, the Univision morning show host did not hesitate to reply, maintaining respect in her responses.

«To the negative comments, she said, «And before, I used to dress like an old woman. Who can understand people?» For the positive comments, she reacted with emojis and expressions of gratitude.

Francisca chose not to let the critical comments dampen her happiness during this special time.

Amidst the negativity, she has stayed strong and focused on fully embracing the final phase of her second pregnancy.

Support and celebration of the audience

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Francisca boasts a pregnant belly-Photo: Mezcalent

The presenter, known for her charisma and connection with her audience, has made it clear that negative comments do not diminish her happiness.

She also emphasized that such remarks do not affect her experience of welcoming her little Franco Raffaele into the world, who will soon be a part of her family.

The support and affection from her followers have been equally apparent, demonstrating the strength of a community that celebrates this special moment alongside her.

Francisca’s journey through pregnancy thus serves as a reminder of the importance of focusing on the positive and fully embracing moments of joy. HERE THE VIDEO.

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