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Just over two months after giving birth, Francisca surprises with her new figure

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  • Francisca Lachapel dazzles her followers.
  • Just over two months after giving birth, the Dominican host surprises everyone with her new figure.
  • «Makeup really works miracles,» some users say.

«Warriors of heart». No-one saw it coming, but now, the Dominican host Francisca, just over two months after giving birth, surprised everyone with her new figure, although she was not spared from some criticism: «Makeup really works miracles.»





It was on July 7 that through her social networks, the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 shared with her followers the happy news that she had become mother for the first time of a cute baby whom she decided to name Gennaro.

Francisca Lachapel has a personal trainer

Francisca has a personal trainer
Instagram photo

The one who was in charge of ‘ventilating’ Francisca, who has been harshly criticized after giving birth due to her overweight, was her personal trainer Yasmani, because on her Instagram account she uploaded a photo accompanied by the also comedian.

«Warriors of heart», wrote Yasmani, to which several personalities reacted, including the host Clarissa molina and actress Aleyda Ortiz. «You can see the progress», «I am very happy that Francisca takes her time to put into practice love and self-care», «Your son deserves to have a healthy mother», you can read in some comments.

«I accept any advice»: Francisca

"I accept any advice": Francisca
Instagram photo

In mid-August, Francisca provoked reactions of all kinds after she showed an image in which she was shown as is, although she acknowledged that she would have preferred it to be a photograph of the memory, although it was not.

“That is me right now at this stage where I have received the greatest blessing of my life, being Genaro’s mother !!! Where every day I have the joy of hugging a beautiful doll that I still can’t believe came out of me ”, said the famous Mela la Molasses.

«The doctor already told me that I can return to my normal life»

"The doctor already told me that I can return to my normal life"
Instagram photo

In this same message, for which she received both criticism and messages of support, Francisca shared that she imagined that there were many women, like her, who when giving birth did not feel safe with the transformation of the body.

“The doctor already told me that I can return to my normal life and exercise, so today I start this challenge that will not be easy, but I will do my best! You know me! To all the moms today I say that more than ever I understand them in many things and I admire them! Happy day! I accept any advice! ”.

They tell Francisca that she looks «different without makeup»

They tell Francisca what she looks like "different without makeup"
Instagram photo

Followers of the social networks of People in Spanish, where this photograph was taken in which the television presenter appears with her personal trainer, they did not tempt their hearts and expressed themselves in different ways.

«How different without makeup», «The poor thing is forced», «If it was the classic Dominican for the operating room to have surgeries», «Even with a beard», «Wow, I did not recognize her until I read», «Really the makeup works miracles «,» But what change? «, you can read in some comments.

Francisca sends a ‘loving’ message to a Venezuelan actor

Francisca sends a 'loving' message to a Venezuelan actor
Instagram photo

It is striking that the most recent publications of the Dominican driver are accompanied by her partner, businessman Francesco Zampogna, or her little son Gennaro, which highlights the ‘loving’ message she sent to a well-known Venezuelan actor.

“Happy birthday my baby @alejandrochaban !!! God bless you more than you have. He fills you with blessings because you work so hard for them. Your discipline, passion, love, determination and the dedication that you put into what you do is what takes you beyond the stars ”.

Francisca Lachapel’s baby is the subject of controversy

Francisca Lachapel's baby is the subject of controversy
Instagram photo

Through the Instagram accounts of Francisca Lachapel and Despierta América, the controversial photograph of little Gennaro in the arms apparently of his grandmother was uploaded, staring at the camera, very serious and with a different face than his two months old.

“Look who is two months old today .. @gennarozampogna @francisca Oh my life! I am dying of love (by the way I tell you that it is a mission to make my son smile) he is a very serious little man !!! I think I need the help of @melamelazaoficial «, published the host in the description of the photo.

Spark controversy for your baby

Spark controversy for your baby
Instagram photo

In the image he shared, baby Gennaro is very serious and cuddly in blue shorts, a gray shirt with a blue bear and his hair more grown, big dark eyes and as if he is judging who took the photo, but the comments of people were directed to whether he looked more like his father or the famous mom.

«But this is an example of handsome, doll and precious», «Just like dad», «What a beautiful thing, God bless you with your beautiful child, what a cute little boy», «Wow. It is the copy of his father. Blessings Prince ”,“ Beautiful identical to his father ”,“ Pure papa ”,“ What a beauty of a child ”,“ He is identical to his daddy. God bless him ”, they expressed.

Are people happy that Francisca Lachapel’s baby looks more like her husband than her?

Are people happy that Francisca Lachapel's baby looks more like her husband than her?
Instagram photo

Although Francisca Lachapel’s child has dark eyes like his beautiful mother, it seems that people are happy that he has more of the physique of Francesco Zampogna than of the host of Despierta América: “That baby gets more beautiful every day, God bless you always ”,“ I hope you have many more babies because if your son is cute ”,“ He is beautiful! God bless you! Serious like dad ”.

«He is beautiful like his daddy, as they say, mommy just put the oven on», «He’s beautiful and how he looks like his father», «He’s beautiful, he looks like a doll», «Congratulations to Francisca, your baby is very beautiful , I imagine she is very proud to be a mother for the first time ”,“ Many blessings to Gennaro. May God keep it that precious and healthy. It seems 6 months old, it is quite a gallant. Congratulations to your parents too ”, they commented.

Causes sensation


Francisca Lachapel says that she struggles a lot so that her baby Gennaro smiles and it shows, because in most of the photographs she has shared, he appears either serious or asleep, but people marvel: «There is already a man that cute machacho», «Those eyes are from another world. My God what a doll beauty! God bless him! ”,“ God bless, he’s a copy of his dad ”.

People think that the host of Despierta América only conceived little Gennaro, but physically she doesn’t have much of it: «Francisca didn’t put anything there», «Just like daddy», «What a precious little thing, just like her dad», » What a beautiful fat man ”,“ What a cute doll ”,“ God bless him. Friend but he is identical to his daddy «,» The same daddy’s face is brutal, we carry them for 40 weeks and they come out just like their father. «

Francisca Lachapel is so attached to Gennaro that it hurts to leave him with other people


Francisca Lachapel suffers for her baby and became so intense by having to leave him that she was not calm at any time that she was separated from Gennaro, so she had to tell her followers through a video that she recently published, after be away from the spotlights of Despierta América and its fans.

The Instagram account of ‘Univisión Famosos’ echoed the video that Francisca Lachapel recorded from her car and during her visit to the dentist, but very intense and worried about separating from her son Gennaro who was left in charge of her husband Francesco Zampogna, Could it be that you don’t trust him?

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