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Francisca returns to Despierta América, but her reappearance was not as she would have expected

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  • After becoming a mother, Francisca returns to the program Despierta América.
  • However, her reappearance was not as she would have expected.
  • «She needs to lose a lot of weight,» users tell the Dominican host.

Almost three months after becoming a mother for the first time, the Dominican actress and host Francisca returns to Univision’s Despierta América program, although her reappearance was not as she had expected.

Through People en Español a photo was shown where you can see the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 accompanied by Alan Tacher and Raul Gonzalez, but it was the comments of Internet users that caught a lot of attention.

«He needs to lower a lot,» they tell Francisca

"It needs to lower a lot"they tell Francisca
Instagram photo

Weeks ago, Francisca shared an image on her official Instagram account that caused reactions of all kinds, since she was shown ‘naturally’ after having given birth with several pounds on her. Later, her personal trainer uploaded a photograph showing the progress the television presenter was making.

“It needs to lower a lot”, “Is it her? Is that the great body? «,» Is that the great body I see? » She is graceful, but she is not beautiful, nobody cares about her life ”, you can read in some comments.

«Why so much drama?»

"Why so much drama?"
Instagram photo

“With the joy that characterizes him, Francisca returned to Despierta América!”, You can read in the publication that this Univision program shared on its social networks and that at the moment has more than 315 thousand reproductions and comments of all kinds.

Wearing a black skirt and a blue blouse that revealed one of her men, the driver arrived in the best of spirits three months after giving birth. His teammates gave him the best of welcomes.

«Today is a difficult day»: Francisca

"Today is a difficult day": Francisca
Instagram photo

After taking a seat, Francisca surprised with her statements: “I am not going to lie to you, that today is a difficult day, new moms have that little hole in their stomach when they have to separate from their little boy the first time, but I am happy to return. to do what I like ”.

On the verge of crying, the presenter shared that yesterday she saw her baby, named Gennaro, very calm with her mother, which gave her a lot of peace of mind and let her know that she had no reason to worry: it happened worse than me and he did it ”.

Francisca has a «feeling of guilt»

Francisca has "guilty feeling"
Instagram photo

Before the attentive gaze of her companions, Francisca revealed that she has a bit of guilt for having left her baby, although he is fine: “I’m going to miss a little smile, I’m going to miss a little thing, but I’m fine, here (in Despierta América) it makes me very happy ”.

And when no one expected him, he said he had a challenge to tell, although he gave the ‘pass’ to Carlos Calderón, who recently became a father, also for the first time, and decided to show the photos of his baby (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

«Why does a woman have to go through this?»

"Why does a woman have to go through this?"
Instagram photo

Later, on Francisca’s return to Despierta América, he was observed with Karla Martínez and Dr Juan Rivera, who will help him lose weight in the challenge he set for himself, although one person did not think it was the best of the ideas: “Why does a woman have to go through this? The body after childbirth is a process… respect ”.

The Dominican driver currently weighs 165 pounds, and to say of her, her ideal weight taking into account her height is 130 pounds, so it leaves her a long way to go. At that time, a link was made with his personal trainer, who has been a fundamental part of this process (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Francisca looks unrecognizable after pregnancy

Francisca looks unrecognizable after pregnancy
Instagram photo

More than a month after giving birth to her first baby, named Gennaro, the Dominican driver and model Francisca looks unrecognizable, but it did not turn out as everyone expected, in addition to saying that she does not feel safe with the transformation of her body.

“I would love to tell you that it is a #tbt, but no, that is me right now at this stage where I have received the greatest blessing of my life, being Genaro’s mother! I imagine that like me, there are many other women who when giving birth do not feel safe with the transformation of the body ”.

Says he accepts any advice

Says he accepts any advice
Instagram photo

It was on July 8 that Francisca became a mother for the first time. The happy father is the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna. It should be remembered that the television presenter was highly criticized for exposing her pregnancy excessively, even overshadowing that of her partner’s girlfriend, Carlos Calderón.

“The doctor already told me that I can return to my normal life and exercise, so today I start this challenge that will not be easy, but I will do my best! You know me! To all the moms today I say that more than ever I understand them in many things and I admire them! Happy day! I accept any advice! ”, He concluded.

Famous people express their support

Famous people express their support
Instagram photo

One of the first to react to this publication was also the television host Yubelkis Peralta, who told her: “You can, my life”, while the Dominican singer Natti Natasha, who recently became a mother, expressed herself as follows:

«Go, you can do it!!! Congratulations because you have the best title in the world, which is being a mom! Enjoy your body, so even that you will miss. It is the most beautiful process in the universe ”. The driver and model Clarissa Molina did not want to be left behind and said: “Come on, my Fran !!! My total admiration !!! ”.

They tell Francisca not to pay attention to the criticism

They tell Francisca not to pay attention to the criticism
Instagram photo

If anyone has been harshly criticized in recent months for being scantily clad in their publications, it is La Veneno Sandoval, former host of the Telemundo program Suelta la sopa, who commented the following to Francisca Lachapel:

«You perfect and blessed, the rest is part of the process … my best suggestion is that you do not listen to anyone who comes to say things without empathy and that you focus on what is important … and you know that you are beautiful in any way», said Caro .

«You will be the same or better than before»

"You will be the same or better than before"
Instagram photo

Someone else who won Nuestra Belleza Latina, but in 2010, it was Ana Patricia Gámez, who dedicated the following words to Francisca Lachapel: “It is a process, enjoy it, bear with it, you created a wonderful being that when you least think it will tell you ‘You I love Mom. ‘ I know you and I know that you will be the same or better than before !!! ”.

For his part, the Spanish fashionista Jomari Goyso expressed that the way the Dominican driver shows herself is how she empowers other women: “Breaking the stereotype and being real, even if society doesn’t like reality. I love you, I am very proud of you ”.

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