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Francisca Lachapel’s ex-husband appears with wakeful and teary eyes while she enjoys her pregnancy (PHOTO)

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  • Ex-husband of Francisca Lachapel appears on social networks with teary eyes
  • Rocky Lachapel stays awake about his business while his ex enjoys her pregnancy
  • «Dawn and without sleep, to give the best service»

While Francisca Lachapel is very happy

in her new marriage and enjoying her pregnancy, her ex-husband Rocky Lachapel appears on social media with red, watery eyes.

Rocky and Francisca had a six-year relationship, and the problems forced the couple to complete the divorce proceedings in 2016, and by 2017 their separation was confirmed.

The ex-husband constantly shares strange messages, where people think they are indirect for the Dominican, on this occasion Lachapel uploaded an image in Instagram where his eyes are red and watery, he says it is because of the sleepless nights and dawns of his business, in which he carries out reconstructions of homes, which is called Lachapel Company.

Rocky Lachapel watery eyes ex-husband of Francisca Lachapel


Dawn eyes?

«Dawn and without sleep, to give the best service @lachapelcompany We are what we do ”, thus accompanied the controversial image, in this he is wearing a hat and a white shirt, while his eyes reveal Rocky’s fatigue, but is that the real reason why his eyes are watery?

On the other hand, Francisca Lachapel is at a stage in her life where everything is happiness, since she has only known love for a short time, but now with the Italian Francesco Zampogna.

Rocky Lachapel watery eyes 2 ex-husband of Francisca Lachapel


As if that were not enough, a few days ago the Dominican presenter announced her pregnancy, and after that day Francisca has been sharing images on her account Instagram, where she presumes her pregnant belly, this reached her ex-husband Rocky Lachapel, who previously sent a message on his social network, could he be happy for his ex-partner?

«With God everything is possible», was what he wrote on his Facebook account just after Francisca uploaded an image of her showing her pregnancy to all her followers.


Previously it has been speculated that Rocky Lachapel, sends hints for his former partner who is currently very happy with his new relationship and also another member will join them very soon.

Rocky Lachapel watery eyes 3


Many have even wondered why the Dominican still retains the Rocky last name? if they already separated, and this was what a netizen commented in the shared image.

«And why if Francisca is already married, she always carries your last name, I don’t understand?» Said the only user who has commented on Lachapel’s publication.

Previously, Francisca had been asked the same thing, where she argued that she was known in the media and that she did not think it would change, since as a public figure she was already known that way.

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Francisca Lachapel’s ex-husband sends a message after his ex’s pregnancy

After speculation weeks ago about the pregnancy of Francisca Lachapel, it was not until January 25 that the Dominican driver announced that she would have a baby, on social networks.


On this occasion, the presenter’s former partner, winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, appeared on her account Facebook where he left a message along with an image of himself posing for the camera, «With God everything is possible.»

The funny thing is that the young man posted this image right after Francisca shared a photo on her Instagram account showing off her pregnancy belly.

In the photo you can see the television presenter wearing a short dress, which highlights her pregnancy, while she is dancing.

“Playing with the wind and with the cold that Miami gives us today. I could not decide on a single photo, so I dared to publish three, forgive the vanity but I am very happy with my belly, «said Lachapel.

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