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Francisca’s mother impresses with a new look

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Francisca Lachapel's mother (PHOTO: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Francisca Lachapel mother: impacts social media
  • Appears with a new change of look
  • People «applaud» in comments

Francisca has been proudly showcasing her mother on social media, leaving her followers astonished by Mrs. Divina Montero’s appearance.

On Thanksgiving Day, the ‘Despierta América’ host took the opportunity to express her gratitude for the positive changes in her mother’s life.

Many followers commented on Divina’s good health and praised Francisca for being a caring daughter who supports her mother.

The beloved Dominican presenter also shared her mother’s story with the viewers of the morning show where she works, revealing that her mother manages diabetes and hypertension.

Francisca Lachapel mother

Francisca, mother, social networks, followers, mundonow
Francisca’s mother makes an impact PHOTO: Mezcalent

«On this Thanksgiving Day, I particularly want to thank @drmanuelroman for transforming my mom’s life,» she began her post.

«In July, during Gennaro’s birthday celebration in the Dominican Republic, I was terrified when I saw my mother. I thought she was dying,’ she admitted.

«She was jaundiced, swollen, and limping. Francesco and I had tried everything to help her, but nothing seemed to work,» she explained on the social media.

«It was after seeing her condition that we took her home with us, determined to find an effective way to help. This time, something had to make a difference!» she remarked.

She had to take her to a doctor

congratulate, doctor, Wake up America, Thanksgiving Day, mundonow
Francisca’s mother makes an impact PHOTO: Mezcalent

Francisca mentioned that it was through her colleague, Astrid Rivera, that she discovered the doctor who provided the much-needed help.

«Even though he was based in Puerto Rico, he agreed to assist us! And so, we began the treatment,» she shared.

She went on to disclose some of the specialist’s advice that was crucial to her mother’s recovery.

«I was initially struck by his serene voice and the way he explained things, making sure we understood everything,» she recounted about their meeting with the doctor.

the doctor

 gratitude, change of life, diabetes, high blood pressure, mundonow
Francisca’s mother makes an impact PHOTO: Mezcalent

«He provided us with a structured plan, a diet for my mother, and daily monitoring that shifted her habits, which were hindering her health improvement,» he detailed.

He commended the patient and compassionate care Dr. Jesús Manuel Román provided.

«She’s no longer jaundiced, no longer swollen, doesn’t need insulin, lost 39 pounds, and feels better than ever,» she said with evident relief.

«From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Doctor. There’s no way for my mother and me to repay you!» he expressed his gratitude in the Instagram post.

People congratulate Francisca Lachapel

testimony, public, morning, Dominican Republic, mundonow
Francisca’s mother makes an impact PHOTO Mezcalent

«May God bless those healthcare professionals who devote themselves entirely and practice their vocation with a commitment to helping others and with immense passion,» Francisca further noted.

«Happy Thanksgiving to all,» is how Francisca concluded her heartfelt message, acknowledging the doctor who played a pivotal role in her mother’s health.

The most evident sign of her mother’s recovery was in the photo she shared. Followers of Francisca lavished praise on her mother’s visible improvement.

They also commended the mother for her life transformation and Francisca for her unwavering support.


congratulate, doctor, help, doctor, Puerto Rico,
Francisca’s mother makes an impact PHOTO Mezcalent

Astrid Rivera herself responded to Francisca’s post, saying, «What a blessing it is to be able to bless and serve others. You are a wonderful daughter.»

«It’s good that you acted swiftly to help her because, after all, illnesses often result from what we consume, and we are responsible for our own health,» others added.

«Weight loss and wise food choices are the keys to longevity. Your mother is beautiful, blessings,» commented another follower.

«Wow, Doña Divina even looks younger,» one marveled, «She is stunning, and the transformation is truly remarkable.» TO SEE PHOTOS OF THE CHANGE OF FRANCISCA’S MOTHER, CLICK HERE.

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