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Francisca shares how her baby and her husband reacted to her drastic hair cut (VIDEO)

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Francisca Despierta América bebé Gennaro
  • Francisca gets a daring makeover.
  • The Despierta América host ​​decided cut her hair short and go natural.
  • Was she shocked by her baby and her husband’s reactions?

This week on Despierta América, Francisca surprised her followers with her decision to cut her hair short and keep her natural curls. She said that she felt free and that she hoped people would support her… but how did her baby Gennaro react? And her husband Francesco when she got home?

Francisca’s courageous decision was teased to generate ratings for Despierta América, which was facing direct competition from Hoy Día which started a new phase with new hosts and a revamped struction. Many people said that the Dominican host made the sacrifice to generate controversy and an audience.

Francisca decided to cut her hair and let it be natural

Francisca new look

And it seems that the strategy worked since there was more talk these days about Francisca’s controversial haircut than about the reboot of Hoy Día, so much so that now the reaction of Gennaro and Francesco, who didn’t expect the change, has been shared.

Francisca showed a video on Instagram of the moment she got home with her new hairstyle: «This is how the men in my life reacted when they saw me for the first time with my natural hair! Francesco and Gennaro my center, my peace.”

Baby Gennaro and his father react to the popular Despierta América host’s new look

Baby Gennaro reacts to his mother in Despierta América

The first reaction that the beloved former beauty queen shared was that of her son Gennaro who was eager to see her and with a smile he yelled, «Mom!» as she recorded him and said: «What’s different about mom? Her hair! You like my hair? We look alike.»

Meanwhile, her baby Gennaro was very happy to see the change and gave her a huge smile with a look of tenderness, seeing how Francisca’s son inherited her naturally curly hair.

Francisca’s husband cries when he sees her

Her husband Francisca reacts excitedly

Meanwhile, her husband Francesco’s reaction was more emotional because he couldn’t stop smiling when he saw her new haircut. His eyes filled with tears, which overwhelmed Francisca who didn’t expect what she would find at home.

«I love it, congratulations, I’m very happy for you,» Francesco told her in English while the host asked him «Are you going to cry? I love you,» touched by her husband’s reaction and the support she has received while freeing herself from her insecurities and accepting herself — no longer feeling oppressed by the beauty standards in the US.

People leave loads of comments for the Despierta América host

The host of Despierta América changes her image

People’s reactions to the video she shared with her baby and husband immediately appeared: «Francesco almost made me cry.» «This is love, what a beautiful family.» «At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing… or rather, the only thing that matters.” “Such beautiful moments Fran!! I send you a giant hug.»

Other followers commented: «The opinion that should really matter to you is that you have the best team in your house!!» «Many have taken this act as mockery or sarcasm, but what they don’t understand is that a woman’s hair is very important for each one of us.” “Those are the opinions that should matter to you and they loved it.» “Their eyes reflect God’s love towards you!!! You have the ideal family that complements you!!! You are brave and obedient.» SEE THE MOVING VIDEO OF FRANCISCA AND HER FAMILY HERE.

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