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The fourth ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ evicted housemate is revealed!

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  • Who was evicted?
  • Laura Bozzo stays on the reality show for one more week.
  • Who will be the next nominees?

The fifth week of the most popular reality show in the United States, Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos 2, has begun, and what better way to start it off than with the announcement of a new eviction. Three celebrities were nominated by their peers and on Monday it was revealed which of them will leave the show.

The votes are announced through social media, that is why many people have complained through the show’s official Instagram account, while others have celebrated the expulsion of the fourth evicted housemate from the second season of La Casa de Los Famosos.

The fourth housemate is evicted from La Casa de los Famosos

Eliminated room from The House of the Famous
PHOTO: Instagram

Once all the celebrities went to the confessional and cast their respective votes, this week’s four nominated celebrities were announced. Compared to last week, there is now a gender balance, since there are two women and two men, and last week there were four men.

Laura Bozzo, Natalia Alcocer and Eduardo Rodríguez fought again to stay in La Casa de los Famosos with Juan Vidal. Celebrities go to the confessional to nominate the celebrities they want to leave the Telemundo show. FILED FROM: Eliminated Room Famous House

Who was voted out?

Fourth eliminated from La Casa De Los Famosos: Who was the most voted?
PHOTO: Instagram

After getting to know the famous nominees, their fans came out to defend them. Of course, the haters were also present, sending messages to the person they wanted to leave La Casa: “Laura, they’re not going to let her go, because she causes a lot of conflict and that’s what they want. I think that Juan or Eduardo will leave.»

Eduardo says goodbye to La Casa

Eduardo says goodbye to the reality show
PHOTO: Instagram

At last the voting has ended and the fourth evicted housemate from the most popular reality show in the country has been announced and the reaction of the fans is incredible. The fourth celebrity to leave is Eduardo Rodríguez, who had a dispute with Ivonne Montero.

Eduardo Rodríguez Álvarez is a Mexican actor and model. He’s originally from the state of San Luis Potosí. In the last season, the actor was voted out of the most famous house in Mexico after receiving the largest number of votes. FILED FROM: Eliminated Room Famous House

Viewers are excited by Eduardo’s departure

Viewers excited by Eduardo's departure
PHOTO: Instagram

The followers of the reality show have already expressed themselves on social networks and their reactions are very surprising: “Finally someone who should have left is leaving, his absence will not be noticed.” “Those of us who voted knew this was going to happen. Now we are coming for you Zerboni.”

On this occasion the votes were successful, Eduardo leaves, he was always an inanimate object, that is, nothing.” «What a coincidence! We already knew it, it’s the house of moralists.” «It’s good that that little man is leaving.»

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