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Four men went shopping at Walmart after stealing electric bicycles

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Men arrested for stealing electric bicycles (Photo: Douglas Sheriff's Office)
  • Four men arrested at Walmart
  • It all happened in Douglas, Nevada.
  • What happened?

A white Dodge van in the Walmart parking lot led to the arrest of four men who had been causing havoc in the communities of Douglas County, Nevada.

The suspects were observed browsing merchandise in the department store before being taken into custody, according to the local sheriff.

The detainees are Víctor Anguiano, Jesús García, Ángel Ruiz Arroyo, and Emmanuel Villagómez Morales.

According to the police report from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, they were inside the department store in Gardnerville.

The men committed a crime at Walmart

Walmart, Hispanics, Latinos, crime, crime
Photo: Douglas Sheriff’s Office

An officer noticed that a van parked inside Walmart matched the vehicle used by four robbery suspects.

It was 8:00 PM on May 26th when agents decided to monitor the vehicle in anticipation of its occupants.

It only took a matter of minutes to yield results and conclude the investigation into a series of thefts in the county.

Inside the vehicle, officers allegedly found four electric bicycles, each valued at $5,900, which had been stolen hours earlier, the Sheriff’s office explained.

During the investigation, agents determined that the four suspects were not residents of the county.

They allegedly had been linked to the systematic theft of electric bicycles in various cities since their arrival in town.

The only lead investigators had until that moment was that the thieves were using a white Dodge.

Due to the recurrence of the cases, the vehicle became one of the most sought-after cars in the county.

The method used by the assailants to seize the vehicles was not disclosed, nor was the number of cases they were involved in.

Authorities only stated that all the arrested individuals were residents of California and that the total amount from the latest robbery they were responsible for exceeded $26,000.

The four detainees were booked into the Douglas County jail.

They face charges of robbery, conspiracy, possession of controlled substances, and possession of stolen property.

Also for possession of drug paraphernalia and home invasion, the sheriff’s office indicates.

After his appearance in court, Víctor Anguiano must pay bail of $53,149.

While for Villagómez-Morales the pile of 58,152 was set.

Ruiz-Arroyo must pay 44,283 to regain his freedom and Jesús García 48,155.

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