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Fortuna de Adamari López: How much money does the Hoy Día presenter have?

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  • At last it is known how much the fortune of Adamari López amounts
  • The presenter has made a lot of money on Telemundo
  • Could it be that she has more money than her ex-husband Luis Fonsi?

Fortuna Adamari López. At last, what many wanted to know about Adamari López is revealed … how much is her fortune? Could it be that she has more money than her ex-husband Luis Fonsi? And it is that everything seems to indicate that the presenter She makes a good profit on Telemundo, given that she has been able to raise a substantial amount in her savings as one of the stellar hosts of the morning show Hoy Día.

Now that she has become the pretty face of TelemundoHer thousands of followers also do not forget her origins as an actress in Mexican and Puerto Rican soap operas, a career that began at a very young age and has earned her the fortune she now possesses.

Adamari López began to make his fortune in soap operas

Adamari López in one of the breaks of the telenovela Alma de Hierro (PHOTO Mezcalent)

Her career began at the tender age of six in the Telemundo Channel 2 production of the telenovela Cristina Bazán, where she acted alongside the legendary Puerto Rican actress Johanna Rosaly and the Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma.

At the age of nine, WAPA-TV chose her to play Iris Chacón and Daniel Guerrero’s daughter in Yo sé que mentía, one of the most important roles of her career and from which her name became very popular on Hispanic television. , according to the site specialized in novels Fandom.

Fortuna Adamari López: Her career in Mexican soap operas

Adamari López when she was recording Locura de Amor (PHOTO Mezcalent)

In 1992 he acted in La Charca, the following year in Three Destinations and in 1994 in the telenovela Señora Tentación, which was followed by Al Son del Amor, all these productions in his native Puerto Rico, but the great leap towards internalization he gave it in 1997 when he emigrated to Mexico.

Precisely in 1997 he began the recordings of his first telenovela in Mexico: Sin ti, in which he acted alongside the Argentine actor René Strickler and the Mexican actress Gaby Rivero, in which the Puerto Rican plays the villain María Elena Izaguirre.

From Camila to Friends and Rivals

Adamari López in Friends and Rivals (PHOTO Mezcalent)

For 1998 he played another villain, Mónica Iturralde, in the telenovela Camila, in which he shared credits with the famous couple composed by Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gaytán. In 2000 he participated in another great Televisa production: Locura de Amor, alongside Juan Soler and Adriana Nieto.

But for the following year, 2001, came his great success, Amigas y Rivales, a telenovela in which he starred alongside Angélica Vale, Michelle Vieth and Ludwika Paleta, with the manly performances of Arath de la Torre, Gabriel Soto, Johnny Lozada and Rodrigo Vidal. .

Fortuna Adamari López: Her Latest Novels in Mexico

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Instagram

Then came Gata Salvaje, Mujer de Madera, Bajo las Reiendas del Amor and Alma de Hierro, this being her last telenovela in Mexico before launching herself as a presenter in the US Hispanic market and participating in the second season of the Mira dance program. Who Baila from Univision, where he won the competition.

In July 2012, it was announced ‘with great fanfare’ that Adamari López was joining the great ‘family’ of Telemundo, to join the ranks of the morning program Un Nuevo Día, the direct competition of Univisión’s Despierta América program.

How much is the fortune of Adamari López?

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Instagram @adamarilopez

According to the specialized site Celebrity Net Worth, Adamari López’s fortune is valued at 5 million dollars, the product of her work as an actress and television presenter, along with her multiple advertising contracts with various brands.

Celebrity Net Worth calculates an artist’s net worth using data gleaned from public sources. When provided, private suggestions and comments received from celebrities or their representatives are also incorporated, so the numbers they present are as accurate as possible.

Does Adamari have more money than Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi and his current wife, Águeda López (PHOTO Getty Images)

But while Adamari López has an estimated fortune of $ 5 million, her ex-husband, singer Luis Fonsi, has much more than her now that he is married to Spanish model Águeda López, according to data provided by Celebrity Net Worth.

Luis Fonsi, a singer and songwriter of Puerto Rican origin, has a net worth of $ 16 million. Luis Fonsi was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April 1978. When he was a young child, his family moved to Orlando, Florida.

Adamari López’s fight with breast cancer

PHOTO Instagram @adamarilopez

On March 22, 2005, Adamari López held a press conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in which she announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her then boyfriend, the singer Luis Fonsi, announced at the same press conference that he was canceling his international tour that year to be by his side.

He was expected to recover, as his cancer was found in stage 1, a very early stage, and had not spread to other areas of his body. He underwent surgery and was reported in 2006 to be in remission. Since she was diagnosed, she has campaigned for breast cancer awareness.

Fortuna Adamari López: Her marriage to Luis Fonsi

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Mezcalent

Adamari and Fonsi met in Mexico in 2001, but it was until 2003 that they met again in the United States, he promoting an album and she on tour with the soap opera Gata Salvaje. They announced their engagement in 2004, around the same time that she announced that she had breast cancer. The marriage bond took place on June 3, 2006 in Puerto Rico.

But the love story would end in 2009, when on November 8, 2009, Adamari López and Luis Fonsi sent a press release announcing their separation. After several years of speculation, in January 2013 Adamari published a book in which he told everything, under the title Living.

Fonsi gave him the worst hit when he needed it most

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Instagram @adamarilopez

Among other things, Adamari López said that Luis Fonsi made a strong and painful confession. And it is that after they removed one of her breasts, the singer told her that he no longer wanted her as a woman, according to the newspaper reported at the time Trade.

“It was hard that first time I saw myself without a breast, seeing the scar, seeing the changes that occurred as the treatment progressed. My body changed. I didn’t stay that thin. It was swollen. It was, kind of, misshapen. He told me once that he didn’t want me as a woman. I think that was one of the hardest moments of the whole process for me. When the person you love madly tells you that he does not want you as a woman, the world falls apart, “said Adamari López through tears.

Adamari said that Fonsi was unfaithful to him, but he denied it

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Instagram @adamarilopez

At that time, Adamari also revealed that her husband was unfaithful to her and that she endured everything for love, regretting having been silent, because she forgave the singer because she was very much in love. But when giving his version of events, the singer denied his ex-wife’s version.

Following Adamari’s statements, Fonsi himself published a statement in which he said: “I have endured and I have kept silent. For being a gentleman, out of respect for her and what we live, out of respect for myself. Cover after cover, interview after interview, insensitive and cruel things are said that never happened ”.

Fonsi also spoke his truth

PHOTO Instagram @luisfonsi

“This time shutting up would be a mistake. I take for unic and last time the word. The story being told, while very dramatic and profitable, is not only incomplete but is NOT faithful to the truth. It conveniently describes a callous man who abandoned his wife in the midst of his struggle to overcome a difficult illness, ”Fonsi said in his statement.

“’I don’t want you as a woman’… those words NEVER came out of my mouth. The times and dates do not agree with what is said publicly. How is it possible that a man tells his partner, the woman he loves, that he does not want her, and months later he marries her? Am I the only one who realizes that this doesn’t make sense? When we decided to separate and eventually divorce, they had already spent almost 4 years cancer-free, ”Fonsi clarified.

Toni Costa, a new opportunity to love

PHOTO Instagram

After the scandal of her separation from Luis Fonsi, Adamari López found love again in the arms of the Spanish dancer Toni Costa, whom she met in 2011 when they teamed up on the Univisión reality show Mira Quien Baila, which ended up winning the Puerto Rican .

Once they made their relationship known, they decided to have a child and for this they underwent several treatments, but without success and with that came the tension: “They were difficult weeks in which I was not very tolerant, I fought over silly things, anything seemed wrong to me and that was a very difficult time for me ”.

Finally his best gift arrived: Alaïa

Fortuna Adamari Lopez
PHOTO Instagram @adamarilopez

After living weeks of tension, Adamari and Toni decided to relax and that’s when they managed to get pregnant. On November 13, 2014, the actress and presenter shared that she was pregnant with a girl, whom she would baptize with the name Alaïa, which means “gift from God”.

On March 4, 2015, Adamari announced through her Twitter account the birth of her first daughter Alaïa in Miami and although in numerous interviews she has stated that she would love to become a mother again, that has not yet been possible.

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