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Former royal protection officer claims Princess Diana cheated on Charles first

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  • Former royal protection officer claims Princess Diana cheated.
  • He says she was the first one to have an affair.
  • It can be seen in the documentary King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone.

A few weeks before the coronation of King Charles III, a new claim about his controversial marriage to Princess Diana has come to light. An ex-royal protection officer who served the couple says he knows about their infidelity.

The royal couple had many scandals, from then-Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, to Diana’s eating disorders. Then of course, there were the infamous leaked phone messages between Charles and Camilla.


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In a surprising statement by the former protection officer who worked with the royal couple, it was revealed that Princess Diana may have cheated on Charles first.

“I can categorically say that the first person who strayed in the marriage was the Princess of Wales,” said Allan Peters, a former royal protection officer who worked with the family for nine years and who offered a different perspective on the accounts offered by the media at the time, according to The New York Post.

Why is Allan Peters speaking out now?

Why did he confess after years?
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According to what Peters said in the upcoming documentary King Charles: The Boy Who Walked Alone, the then Prince Charles had not cheated on Diana of Wales with Camilla Parker Bowles until after he learned that she had been unfaithful.

“Charles] didn’t, until after he knew she had strayed. I’m speaking now about all this because I’ve said nothing for 40 years, and I’ve just listened to lies, silly stories, and it’s quite frustrating. There are only a few of us that can say what really happened,» the former officer said, according to the New York Post.

Who does Peters say Diana had an affair with?

Who cheated on him?
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Allan Peters stressed that he thinks that the infidelity occurred with a bodyguard for the royal couple, Barry Mannakee. He said he noticed odd behavior and said it was obvious from what he saw between them.

“It was clear that something had happened. From what I could find out, they were having an affair,” Allan Peters says  in the documentary that will be released shortly.

How did he discover the infidelity?

How did they discover the infidelity?
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Peters stated that the infidelity came to light when Diana became furious after Mannakee was transferred to another position away from her. In the documentary, he said that Diana began throwing her shoes at him and Charles wanted to know why she was so upset.

“[She was] throwing her shoes at the back of my head. She was distraught, and life was quite difficult for everybody,” the former officer revealed. «I didn’t want to explain. [Charles] said, ‘The only thing that seems to be upsetting her is that Barry is leaving … He can stay.’ I felt the need to say, ‘He has to go,’” Peters stated.

Was he protecting William and Harry?

Princess Diana infidelity: To protect her children?
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He added that he believes that was when Charles III realized what was going on, but said nothing more. In fact, Allan Peters pointed out that he decided to keep quiet and let them think that he was the one who cheated on Diana to protect their children. Of course, since Diana and Manakee are both dead, none of this can be confirmed.

“I think at that point, the penny may have dropped as to what was happening. [Charles] never said another word, and turned and left, ”the former royal official concluded.

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