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Mitos y Leyendas: The Forked Tree, the Story of Swift Thunder and Blossoming Lily

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  • Genny de Bernardo shares the origin of the forked tree, Swift Thunder, and Blossoming Lily.
  • A couple falls deeply in love, but political issues separate them.
  • This story reminds us that the price paid in a war is high and not worth it.

This narrative originates from the communities of the Northwest. In ancient times, there were two tribes living very close to each other, separated only by a not too extensive but extremely lush forest.

In the center of this forest, there was a clearing that looked like a meadow. Despite their geographical proximity, or perhaps because of it, the two tribes had been enemies for many centuries.

The hostility between them was so intense that the last two leaders of each tribe, like their predecessors, deeply hated each other on a personal level.

However, one day, fate decreed that Swift Thunder, the son of Deer Antler, leader of one of the tribes, would find himself in the forest.

Swift Thunder and Blossoming Lily fall in love

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There, he witnessed the passage of a beautiful young woman who turned out to be Blossoming Lily, the daughter of Great Gale, leader of the other tribe.

As soon as they met, both young people felt irresistibly attracted to each other, and at their first meeting that same night, in the clearing of the forest under the moonlight, they promised each other eternal love.

However, they were aware that due to the deep-rooted enmity between their tribes, their love was impossible.

Despite their misery, Swift Thunder did not give up and, in agreement with his beloved, decided to reveal the whole truth to his father and seek his blessing. Shortly thereafter, Swift Thunder found himself in front of Deer Antler.

Deer Antler rejects Swift Thunder’s relationship

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«Dear father, I have something I need to share with you, something I hope you can understand in your infinite paternal love,» Swift Thunder began apprehensively.

«Go ahead, speak,» Deer Antler grunted brusquely.

Without wasting time, Swift Thunder recounted to his stern father the details of his relationship with Blossoming Lily. Upon hearing the story, Deer Antler exploded in fury.

«Never! I will never allow such an affront! Would you marry the daughter of our arch-enemy? Do you ignore that their tribes invade our territories, destroy our hunting grounds, and decimate our herds? No, abandon this love or you will cease to be my son,» he exclaimed vehemently.

A sad outcome

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Faced with the fury-filled onslaught, Swift Thunder felt deeply wounded in the depths of his being.

Meanwhile, Blossoming Lily had faced a very similar situation with her father, Great Gale.

That same night, the two lovers decided to unite their lives forever, even in death.

Without hesitation, Swift Thunder took his hunting knife from his belt and cut the veins of Blossoming Lily’s wrists, then proceeded to do the same with his own.

The birth of a forked tree

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The blood began to flow slowly at first, but then, like two burning torrents, soaked the ground of the forest clearing. Soon, the two lovers lay bled out on the ground.

When their bodies were found, both tribes wept and sought no comfort, with both fathers being not the least miserable.

However, the tribal enmity continued for a few days, until someone noticed something strange was happening in the forest clearing.

In the same place where the blood of the two lovers had soaked the ground, a tree began to sprout, which miraculously, in just a few weeks, acquired great corpulence.

Love transformed them into a forked tree

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From its thick trunk, two branches emerged, full of leaves that also intertwined profusely.

Naturally, the shamans declared that those two branches were the souls of the two lovers, symbolized in the tree.

The two chiefs, Deer Antler and Great Gale, decided to smoke the peace pipe and seal a new friendship, which should be as lasting as the eternal love of Swift Thunder and Blossoming Lily.

Mitos y Leyendas bids you farewell for now and hopes you have enjoyed this story of the forked tree and Swift Thunder and Blossoming Lily. Until next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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