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Ford recalls over 518,000 SUVs due to fuel leaks and fire risk

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  • Over 500,000 Ford SUVs are being recalled.
  • The vehicles pose a fire risk.
  • Ford has received 20 reports of vehicles going up in flames.

Thousands of Ford SUVs are being recalled due to possible fuel leaks or vapor infiltration that increase the risk the vehicle will catch fire when the engine is hot.

On Thursday, Ford Motor Co. reported that it is recalling more than 634,000 SUVs worldwide! They are doing so because a fuel injector could crack and leak fuel or fumes that could end up causing serious fires.

Hundreds of thousands of SUVs are recalled

They withdraw thousands of trucks due to fuel leaks and fire risk
Photo: Twitter

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker said the recall includes vehicles from the Bronco Sport and Escape SUV models that were manufactured between the years 2020 to 2023 and have three-cylinder, 1.5 liter engines.

Ford said that fires don’t usually occur when the engines are off, but acknowledged that they had already received 20 reports of vehicles that ended up engulfed in flames and that three of those incidents also ended up affecting neighboring structures.

Claim after claim

They withdraw thousands of trucks due to fuel leaks and fire risk
Photo: Twitter

In addition, the company has received four claims of fires that occurred within five minutes after the driver turned off the engine. The situation has brought Ford some legal trouble as they face 43 official complaints about the problem, plus four non-burn injury claims.

The company has decided to take action and recall the trucks from the market. Meanwhile, they are working to find a solution to the failure and to offer customers an alternative. If you drive any of these Bronco Sport and Escape SUV models, you may wonder what you should do.

What should owners of these SUVs do?

Photo: Twitter

Jim Azzouz, executive director of customer experience, said in a statement that they don’t have fixes available for the issue yet, but will let drivers know when they do so drivers can schedule service with their preferred dealer.

Ford indicated that the owners of the affected vehicles will be notified of how to get the issue repaired by December 19 and have also offered some alternatives. When they take their SUVs to the dealer of their choice repair, they will get a free loaner, or pick-up and delivery, reported The Associated Press.

You can get your vehicle checked by an expert to ensure it’s safe to drive

Despite the mass recall, Ford did not ask consumers to stop driving their cars, though it did encourage them to bring the vehicle in question for inspection at a dealer if they suspected a problem with the car, said Fox Business.

At Ford dealerships, experts will inspect your injectors and replace them if necessary. They’ll also update your motor control software so you can get a notice on your dashboard if you need service. In addition, the company will extend warranties to cover damaged fuel injectors for up to 15 years, said CNBC.

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