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Folk singer Elsa Cori Avendaño dies: Her body was found in front of a cemetery

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Elsa Cori Avendaño dies, folk singer, Peru, MundoNOW
Elsa Cori Avendaño dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Elsa Cori Avendaño dies.
  • Hir body was found in front of a cemetery.
  • The investigation is ongoing.

Popular folk singer Elsa Cori Avendaño was found dead near her home, and in front of a cemetery, in Peru.

According to local media, it was reported that the singer was still alive when the police arrived at the scene.

However, because it took so long for help to arrive she did not survive. She had been at a show just hours before.

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Photo: MundoNow

In news that has shaken the world of folk music in Peru, renowned singer Elsa Cori Avendaño was found dead.

According to Informaté Perú, the incident occurred in the early hours of last Thursday in the community of Puno.

Police claim that her body was found a few yards from her home and in front of a cemetery.

The tragic scene unfolded after the singer gave a performance hours before her death, generating chaos among her fans.

What happened to Elsa Cori Avendaño?

Elsa Cori Avendaño, Peruvian folk music, musical tragedy, MundoNOW
Photo: Facebook (Elsa Cori Avendaño)

The renowned ‘Cervecita’ singer was found around 2:00 am local time, according to Peruvian authorities. At of now, it is unknown if she had been attacked.

Police sources revealed that Cori Avendaño was still alive at the time the officers discovered her body.

However, despite emergency personnel’s best efforts, the fact that she had to wait so long to be treated proved fatal.

The news of this loss has shocked the artistic community and her fans, who now mourn the iconic singer.

Elsa Cori Avendaño dies: Why did it take so long for police to arrive?

 emotional presentation, lack of medical support, ongoing investigation, shock in Peru
Photo: Shutterstock

Informaté Perú  reported that emergency personnel’s delayed response was notable.

They highlighted that the police arrived around six in the morning to identify and remove the body.

Local media reported that she was left lying out in the open where passersby could see her for several hours.

Given this, the singer’s family has demanded an explanation and justice for her death.

What do we know about Elsa Cori Avendaño?

Cultural legacy, musical diversity, enduring influence, artistic community
Photo: Getty Images

Elsa Cori Avendaño, known for her talent and charisma on stage, leaves an irreplaceable void in the Peru’s folk music scene.

The singer, originally from Puno, had been a popular performer for decades.

She is survived by her partner, Jhon Machaca, who stated that she left behind three children. At the moment, the investigation into her death is ongoing.

It happened after one of her regular performances and the community is in shock.

Mourning the singer

emotional farewell, Peruvian talent, traditional music, unique voices, Peruvian stage
Photo: Facebook

The news of Elsa’s death has stunned her fans, many of whom will remember her last performance as an emotional goodbye to the stage.

In the midst of the commotion, colleagues and friends of Elsa Cori Avendaño have offered their condolences on social media.

«Very soon I will reach you, my love,» the singer’s husband posted on Facebook, along with a photograph of his wife.

«My deepest condolences friend, a lot of strength in this sad moment.» «My condolences, friend,» people commented. To see a photo of the singer’s body click HERE.

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