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How much money does Fofo Márquez have?

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Fofo Márquez money- Fofo Márquez dinero, influencer, youtuber, México, MundoNOW
Fofo Márquez's wealth (PHOTO: Screenshots from Instagram and YouTube)
  • What do we know about Fofo Márquez’s wealth?
  • He was recently jailed for beating a woman.
  • Media pressure and his family’s fortune.

In recent days, the name of the influencer Fofo Márquez has been on everyone’s lips, largely due to a violent incident.

The YouTuber brutally assaulted a woman named Edith and, as a result, is currently incarcerated.

Meanwhile, social media users are curious about Fofo Márquez’s wealth and whether it will be enough to get him out of jail.

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Could Fofo Márquez be released from jail?

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PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

Before delving into Fofo Márquez’s wealth, it is crucial to highlight a key legal point.

According to lawyer Víctor Rivera, the influencer should have been charged with assault, not attempted murder.

Therefore, if the defense manages to reclassify the crime, he could be released within four to sex months.

Rivera stated that media pressure might have influenced the outcome of the hearing.

Luxury and extravagance galore

Fofo Márquez money, fortune, luxuries, waste, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

Until his arrest, Fofo Márquez flaunted a lavish lifestyle and substantial wealth on social media.

According to Dinero en Imagen, he inherited money from his father.

Rodolfo Márquez Flores was a well-known businessman who owned several gas stations and died in 2022 from cancer.

His mother, Sandra Alcaraz, owns businesses in the footwear industry.

How much does Fofo make a year?

millions of dollars, wealth, properties, cars, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

According to Dinero en Imagen, Fofo Márquez’s earns up to $1.3 million a year.

Additionally, the ‘Millionaire Kid’ opened a burger restaurant in Mexico in March 2023.

Dishes at the restaurant, called Huiches, range from $6 to $18.

Last July he opened gas stations called Fofo Gas.

‘I keep all this anonymous’

video, YouTube, business, private information, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

In one of the last videos uploaded to his YouTube channel, Fofo Márquez talked about his new gas stations in Mexico.

He made it clear that he kept this aspect of his life anonymous, as he did not like mixing it with social media.

«I have offices all over Mexico. Right now, my job is to travel a lot,» said the YouTuber.

The business he was publicly discussing at the time was a gas station.

Fofo Márquez said he believed in kindness

Fofo Márquez money, gas station, gas station, business, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot

Ironically, in this video, which has nearly 300,000 views to date, Fofo Márquez emphasized the importance of being kind to people.

«You should know a business from the ground up. Customer service is always important,» he stated in this post.

Without giving further details about its location, the influencer shared that there were more branches of his gas station. He claimed that his only competition was Canelo Álvarez.

«If this content goes viral, I’ll show you the other branches,» concluded the young gas station entrepreneur. To see the video click HERE.

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