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Florinda Meza devastated after the painful death of her brother (PHOTOS)

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  • Chespirito’s wife worried everyone with an alarming statement.
  • Florinda Meza is in mourning due to a painful farewell.
  • The actress and comedian is devastated.

Florinda Meza is in mourning. After the death of Chespirito, his wife has tried to go on with her life keeping the comedian’s memory alive and also pursuing personal projects. However, the last few months have been hard for the actress and comedian because a few weeks ago she lost her dog and her psychiatrist and now she faces another painful death.

Through her Twitter account, Florinda Meza reported that she is in mourning and people quickly began leaving her messages to show Chespirito’s wife their support, as after the death of the legendary comedian, she continues to face terrible losses.

Florinda Meza is in mourning

Florinda Meza Mourning
Twitter: Florinda Meza

It was on her official Twitter account @FlorindaMezaCH that the actress said goodbye to a very important person in her life, after losing her husband Chespirito a few years ago, now she has lost her brother, who as she said, ‘is now in a different place.”

“I will always remember you like this, noble and good. You got ahead of me, little brother, there were many things left to say, so many things left to live. Now you are in a different place. I’m going to miss you a lot, I love you,” were the moving words with which Florinda Meza said goodbye to her brother.

The death of her brother left Chespirito’s wife devastated and sad

Florinda Meza mourning her brother

In the Twitter post, Chespirito’s wife added a photograph of her much younger brother wearing glasses and smiling next to her, which is even more tragic, although the comedian never said how her beloved brother died.

The condolences were immediate: “I imagine it has been a very difficult time for you and your family. I am here praying for you. May God give you the necessary consolation to overcome this phase of sadness,” “My sincere condolences, dear and beautiful Mrs. Florinda Meza… peace for him through eternity.”

Florinda Meza mourns the death of her brother and followers try to console her

Florinda Meza mourning death brother

Several people tried to console Chespirito’s wife: “My Flor, pray for the one who is surely praying for you,” “Family is forever… until you see each other again,” “I am very sorry, my Flor, I send you a big hug,” “My condolences.”

“A prayer for his soul and a hug for you dear”, “RIP prompt resignation,” “I’m very sorry, I send you a big hug,” “May your brother rest in peace, pretty lady,” more people commented on the absence of information about her brother’s name and under what circumstances he died.

Florinda Meza was barely recovering from the death of actor Miguel Palmer

Mourning wife Chespirito

A few weeks ago, the death of the first Mexican soap opera actor Miguel Palmer was announced. Florinda Meza was close to the actor and using a series of photos, she used her Twitter account to leave a message after the death of her partner and friend:

“I am very sorry for the death of my dear Miguel Palmer, a great actor and a good human being. He was with me in “Miracle and Magic.” I hope that we can see this wonderful story on the screens again very soon, to remember Miguel Palmer as he deserves,” Chespirito’s wife concluded her message.

She suffered a fall and Chespirito’s wife was severely hurt

Chespirito's wife mourning

And it seems that 2021 has not treated Florinda Meza too well, because before the death of her brother, she suffered a severe fall that put her health at risk and she shared a photo of the bruise on her face on Twitter.

“Sometimes when we “eat the world” we can have some setbacks. Still I will continue to fight. For the curious, I only fell for carrying a lot of things, as it also happens in life. It is better to be careful and move lighter. But I’m fine. Without further comment,” Florinda Meza said in a message with the photo of her eye and the blow to her head.

Is she going after Chespirito’s money?

Are you after your money? Florinda Meza prepares lawyers to keep Chespirito's legacy
Photo YouTube Image

Is she after his money? A little over six years after the death of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, better known as Chespirito, renowned actress Florinda Meza intends to keep his legacy, since she is seeking her rights as a co-author, for which she hired Guillermo Pous, a lawyer that works with several celebrities.

It was in the De Primera Mano program that one of its hosts, Mónica Noguera, reported that Florinda Meza was working with this lawyer in relation to her literary rights as a co-author of the Chespirito program, and that she was negotiating for its retransmission and intellectual property rights. The video is available on the Image Youtube channel. Filed Under: Florinda Meza, Chespirito’s wife, in mourning.

Florinda Meza wrote with Chespirito

Are you after your money? Florinda Meza prepares lawyers to keep Chespirito's legacy
Photo YouTube Image

Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante recalled the occasion when he went to visit the actress after Chespirito died and was struck by the fact that there were not several pictures hanging on the walls of the home, to which Florinda Meza told him that the Roberto Gómez Bolaños Foundation had taken everything.

“They took his computer, they took his typewriter, they took them because they were part of Chespirito’s collection, but in recent years she was a co-author of El Chavo del Ocho and Chapulín Colorado, she wrote with her husband,” commented the journalist (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: Florinda Meza, Chespirito’s wife, is in mourning.

Florinda Meza lines up for the COVID vaccine, does no one recognize her?

Are you after your money? Florinda Meza prepares lawyers to keep Chespirito's legacy
Instagram photo Florinda Meza

It should be noted that Roberto Gómez Fernández has the rights of Grupo Chespirito, but not of the person, his father, “Roberto Gómez Bolaños”, so what Florinda Meza is trying to do is totally legal, so we will have to wait for more news.

So far, the renowned actress has not issued any statement in this regard on her social networks, her most recent post was a photo on Instagram where she’s wearing an original outfit, which at 72 brought her countless compliments. Filed Under: Florinda Meza Chespirito’s wife, is in mourning.

“Don’t mingle with the rabble” does Florinda Meza still have an attitude?

Are you after your money? Prepare lawyers to keep Chespirito's legacy
Photo Reform Agency

Actress Florinda Meza shared on social media that she had received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. She waited her turn in line with everyone else, under the blinding sun and high temperatures.

“Democratically waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine. I just took off the mask for the photo,” wrote Doña Florinda’s interpreter in El Chavo del 8 next to a picture in which she is seen waiting in line to receive the coronavirus shot. Filed Under: Florinda Meza, Chespirito’s wife, is in mourning.

Florinda Meza has always been heavily criticized

Are you after your money? prepares lawyers to keep Chespirito's legacy
Photo Reform Agency

The celebrity showed proof that she didn’t get special treatment while getting her coronavirus shot. Last Friday, the widow of comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños told all her fans, through her El Chavo del 8 character, to stay at home during the Easter holiday period.

“On vacation in the middle of a pandemic?! Better go take care of your grandmother… Pumpkins, don’t mingle with the rabble,” she posted. And that has not been the only message that she has sent revisiting the character with which she achieved fame, but she has also exhorted her more than 210 thousand followers on Instagram to wear masks and follow other health measures (With information from Agencia Reforma). Some images in this note come from this and this videos

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