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Aspiring Bronx actor killed his wife before they both plunged from 6th-story window

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  • The heartbreaking story of Florind Belliu and Ornela Shehi.
  • Florind beat his wife to death and threw her from a 6h floor window.
  • Investigation concludes Ornela Shehi was dead before six story fall.

It was a shocking incident that occurred last August in the Bronx. Florind Belliu, an immigrant and aspiring actor, committed a heinous crime.

Investigators have concluded that Belliu beat his 28-year-old wife and the mother of his children, Ornela Shehi, with a hammer. He then threw her body from the sixth floor window at the rear of their building located in the Bronx, New York, before killing himself, according to El Diario NY.

How the heartbreaking incident happened

Immigrant actor hit wife and threw her
PHOTO; Twitter

This case proves that appearances can be deceiving, since no one would have imagined that an aspiring actor who had a beautiful family would commit such an act. After Belliu beat his wife to death with a hammer, he threw her out of a 6th-story window and then jumped after her.

Authorities indicated that the actor’s wife died from blunt force trauma before being thrown to the ground. This makes what was thought to be a double suicide, a murder case. Filed Under: Florind Belliu beat wife to death

They had a terrible fight

Immigrant actor hit wife and threw her
PHOTO; Twitter

According to the authorities that examined the body of Belliu’s wife Ornela Shehi, she had multiple injuries which they concluded were sustained before she was thrown out of the window.

The murder occurred on August 6 when authorities indicated that the couple had a terrible fight. Neighbors reportedly heard screaming from the couple’s apartment, where a loud fight allegedly broke out, police arrived around 9:15 a.m. Filed Under: Filed Under: Florind Belliu beat wife to death

Neighbors revealed Belliu was like

PHOTO; Twitter

The Albanian immigrant was an aspiring actor. The couple’s bodies were identified in the back of the building where they lived, according to MSN.

Some people who got to know them a bit, or simply saw them coming and going, said that the couple seemed quite peaceful. However, some residents of the building said that Belliu was always in a very bad mood, especially on Fridays «When you were walking next to him, he just wasn’t friendly,» a source reported. Filed Under: Florind Belliu beat wife to death

Sad and heartbreaking

PHOTO; Twitter

NY Daily News indicated that when authorities arrived on the scene they found the couple’s young children looking upset.

The couple’s death was a particularly heartbreaking story as they left behind two young, traumatized children. «Why brother, why?» wrote Andi Llabuti on Facebook. “Why didn’t you think a little about your family, your mother and your sisters? We all knew your abilities and the values ​​you had… You made us so sad that there is no explanation,» said a social media user.

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