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People come out to say the worst about Flor Silvestre after Ángela Aguilar’s scandal

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Flor Silvestre, Antonio Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar, Christian Nodal, MundoNOW
Ángela Aguilar and Flor Silvestre's scandals (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • They compare romances of two generations.
  • Ángela and Flor Silvestre in family scandals?
  • Legado Aguilar faces new challenges.

The Aguilar family is once again in the center of media attention, but this time, it is not just Ángela Aguilar who is in the spotlight.

After the recent scandal in which Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal were involved, many have begun to remember and question the Aguilar family history.

Specifically, the iconic relationship between Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar has returned to controversy.

But not with the same admiration as before. Is it possible that certain behavior patterns have been inherited?

They come out to say the worst thing about Ángelas grandmother

love story, regional Mexican music, Aguilar family, Antonio Aguilar, MundoNOW
Ángela Aguilar and Flor Silvestre PHOTO Mezcalent

The romance between Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal has been under public criticism since its confirmation.

Rumors of a possible engagement, fueled by a leaked video showing a ring on Angela’s finger, have kept the couple in the ‘eye of the hurricane’.

In the midst of all this, comments arose about the Aguilar family and, particularly, about Flor Silvestre, the iconic Mexican singer and actress, and Angela’s grandmother.

The controversy recalls Flor Silvestre’s own love story and the challenges she faced.

What was the controversial love story?

Condolences Flor Silvestre Pepe Aguilar Angela
PHOTO Mezcalent

Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar were an emblematic couple in regional Mexican music, staying together from their wedding in 1959 until Antonio’s death in 2007.

Their relationship, admired by many, was marked by respect and mutual admiration, free of scandals throughout the decades, according to the magazine Caras.

Flor and Antonio met on a radio show and it took them eight years to start their relationship.

Despite the challenges, which included Flor’s marriage to Paco Malgesto and Antonio’s jealousy, they managed to overcome all obstacles.

She left him and married Antonio Aguilar

Flor Silvestre, scandal, relationship, marriage, legacy, MundoNOW
Ángela Aguilar and Flor Silvestre PHOTO Mezcalent

Flor, whose marriage to Paco Malgesto was on the decline due to his infidelities, found in Antonio a friendship that eventually turned into love.

Finally, Flor decided to separate from Paco and married Antonio, the magazine Caras reported.

The above, consolidating a relationship that gave rise to two sons who would also follow in his footsteps in music: Antonio Aguilar Jr. and Pepe Aguilar.

The recent controversy surrounding Angela and Nodal has led many to compare their relationship to that of Flor and Antonio, suggesting that public relations problems and controversial decisions are a familiar pattern.

However, it is crucial to remember that every relationship is unique and faces its own challenges.

Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar built a legacy based on love and respect, something that young Ángela Aguilar can also aspire to achieve, despite the current scandals.

While the focus is on Ángela and Nodal’s relationship, it is worth reflecting on how love stories are sometimes diverse and complex, filled with both challenges and triumphs.

The love story between Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar is a reminder that, despite challenges, love and dedication can prevail.

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