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Mexican journalist tells the alleged truth after the departure of Thalí García in La Casa de Los Famosos

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Flor Rubio breaks the, Show, Conflict, MundoNow, News
Flor Rubio breaks the silence (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Flor Rubio breaks the silence.
  • What happened to Lupillo and Thalí Garcia?
  • Telemundo censors explosive conversation.

Thalí García, a participant in the current edition of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), was disqualified after suddenly leaving the reality show.

This news has left fans of the show stunned, especially considering that the actress was one of the most controversial contestants this season.

During recent weeks, the actress became the target of strong criticism and negative comments, mainly due to her conflictive disputes with former participant and influencer Leslie Gallardo.

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Tensions between the two participants had reached notable levels, contributing to the intense atmosphere surrounding the reality show.

However, Thalí García’s decision to leave LCDLF took an unexpected turn with the revelations of Lupillo Rivera, who confirmed that he was developing feelings for the actress.

So the controversy broke out when it was revealed that both had been flirting within the program, even though Thalí is married and has children.

Once out of LCDLF, Thali García said before the cameras that she does not regret her decision but she does regret not having said goodbye to her colleagues.

Flor Rubio breaks the silence

Flor Rubio Thalí García, Telemundo, Casa de los Famosos, celebrities, MundoNOW
Flor Rubio tells the truth about the departure of Thalí García from LCDLF PHOTO: Mezcalent

In the midst of the controversy, Mexican journalist Flor Rubio, a contributor to TV Azteca, has decided to break the silence and leak crucial information.

This, about what happened behind the scenes at La Casa de los Famosos between Thalí García and Lupillo Rivera.

It was through a video on social media where the journalist mentions the alleged truth about the departure of the Mexican actress.

Rubio assures that Telemundo, the network that broadcasts the reality show, intervened to protect Thalí and prevent certain details from harming third parties.

What happened between Lupillo and Thalí García?

Thalí García, Lupillo, Flor Rubio, Telemundo, MundoNOW
Flor Rubio tells the truth about the departure of Thalí García from LCDLF PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to Flor Rubio’s statements, the singer Lupillo Rivera and Thalí had a heated conversation just before the actress’s abrupt departure.

But, this talk was censored by the show’s production to avoid collateral damage and possibly preserve the integrity of the show.

“Thalí came out angry (…) remember that they hid issues from 24/7 and nothing was seen,” the journalist begins by saying in the clip.

«Thalí and Lupillo’s conversations were so risqué that the production removed the cameras to protect her,» he added.

Is Telemundo hiding the truth?

Flori Rubio, Telemundo, Thalí García, USA, MundoNOW
Flor Rubio tells the truth about Thalí García’s departure from LCDLF PHOTO: Capture from TikTok

She then assured that if the truth came to light, it would have been detrimental to the actress who is already married and has a family with children.

«I can’t say it, but they told me. They were things that, upon leaving her, would have broken her life,” says Flor Rubio.

«So that’s why Telemundo protected her and that’s why they hid the cameras, because what was really happening with Lupillo was blown out of all proportion,» she says.

It should be remembered that Thalí García emerged as one of the favorites to win La Casa de los Famosos.

«Of course there was something»

Actress, reality show, singer, USA, MundoNOW
Flor Rubio tells the truth about the departure of Thalí García from LCDLF PHOTO: Mezcalent

Given this situation, the revelation that Telemundo may have protected Thalí García has generated an intense debate on social media.

«On one occasion Thalí asked Lupillo about sex how he liked it,» «it’s obvious, that’s why they removed 24/7,» some users said.

«That’s obvious, that’s why Thalí, upon hearing the message, became desperate because she thought we heard everything,» was another comment from the followers.

«I do believe we all saw it, that’s why Lupillo felt very guilty,» «Of course there was something,» «and the people insisting that they were friends,» were some comments. CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO.

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