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Rains and floods cause dozens of deaths in Rwanda: Did Mhoni Vidente warn them?

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Lluvias inundaciones Mhoni Vidente
    • Was Mhoni Vidente’s terrible prediction fulfilled?
    • Dozens have died in Rwanda after flooding.
    • It’s a catastrophe for the country.

    Torrential rains in western and northern Rwanda caused severe flooding that has claimed 109 lives, a public television station reported on Wednesday. Weeks earlier Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente had warned of this phenomenon in a YouTube video.

    The death toll «continues to rise,» added the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, according to the AP. “This could be the highest death toll from disasters in the country in recent times, according to available records in recent years,” said the government-backed New Times.

  • Mhoni warned of natural disasters


    Rains floods Mhoni Vidente
    Photo Twitter

    Parts of eastern Africa, such as southwestern Uganda, are seeing heavy downpours. At least three people drowned in floodwaters last week after a river burst its banks in Ugandan’s remote Rukungiri district. This type of natural phenomena was also warned by the Cuban.

    In one of her videos, Mhoni warned that intense solar flares would cause natural disasters around the world, so this could be considered one of them. She said her cards predicted tragedies in several countries in May.

Mhoni predicts natural disasters in May

Photo Youtube

«I had already told you about the energies of the sun’s rays, the more sun, the hotter.» In her May predictions, the psychic has done it again in the face of this terrible tragedy of the flooding in Rwanda.

She also spoke of earthquakes, which have just occurred in China, destroying houses and injuring several people. We should look out for more of these incidents throughout the month.

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