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The premiere of Mundo Casa: Decorating with fun colors on a budget

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FOTO: MundoNow
  • Mundo Casa offers the best tips for your home.
  • Discover inexpensive decorating options.
  • Style, trends and fun.

After watching the premiere of Mundo Casa: Decorating with fun colors on a budget, it will undoubtedly be easier to make your home (or any space) modern, trendy and beautiful without spending a fortune.

Under the guidance of expert problem solver and interior designer Julia Alzate, in conjunction with MundoNow, this first episode will show some amazing options to make your home look spectacular.

First Episode of Mundo Casa

First Episode of World House
PHOTO: MundoNow

In this first adventure, Julia will go in search of the best ways to obtain gorgeous fabrics that can be used to restore that old armchair that you bought at a garage sale or that simply suffers from years of wear and tear.

The first step is to find the perfect store that has a wide variety of fabrics and, above all, to know how to find those hidden treasures that make everything much easier and cheaper. For instance, the ‘remnants’ section. Those pieces left over from the ends of bolts can be useful for reupholstering an old armchair.

Decorating with fun colors on a budget

Decoration with fun colors and a low budget
PHOTO: MundoNow

After finding the most beautiful and inexpensive fabrics, Julia paid a visit to her trusted upholsterer, Don Julio. According to the charismatic host, he is always willing to follow her ‘crazy ideas’ no matter what.

Likewise, while they were in the workshop, Julia advised us to be versatile because, when one is involved in a restoration project, it is possible for things to change suddenly. That is why it is necessary to have a plan A and B.

The best tips for adding color to your home

The best tips to highlight your home
PHOTO: MundoNow

While the ‘magic’ of the restoration was happening, Julia didn’t waste a moment and came up with some more design ideas. The beautiful host took those remaining fabric from the armchair and used it to make some cute cushions, perfect to liven up any space.

Just a few minutes were enough for Don Julio to show the work that, together with Julia’s style tips, was carried out. They transformed a drab old armchair into a colorful addition to your home.

Julia Alzate from Mundo Casa will be your decorating guruJulia Alzate from Mundo Casa will be your guru to solve your decoration problems

PHOTO: MundoNow

In the same way, our host shared the best tips for perfectly decorating a room, knowing what colors are trending, and how to arrange items so your living space looks more harmonious and beautiful.

Finally, in this first episode, Julia Alzate gave us even more tips about the best products to take care of wooden furniture, information about their prices and whether those ‘miraculous’ products are as good as they say they are. To see the First Episode of Mundo Casa: Decorating with fun colors on a budget click here.

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