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5 ways to find out if you’re intuitive and can see ghosts

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  • Discover the five ways to know if you are intuitive.
  • Some people are more able to see ghosts.
  • Learn how you can find out.

Discover the five ways to know if you are intuitive the kind of person who can see ghosts. Psychological studies show almost half of the public believes and is convinced that spirits exist on earth, according to research published by El confidencial and Muy interesante.

Seeing ghosts is a topic that many avoid because not everyone has had that experience, real or not. There is always talk of certain characters outside this earthly world, who exist, who wander, who scare people. But not everyone is able to see them.


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Ghosts exist more in movies and literature. However, it is true that there is something beyond our control that causes many people to feel that they are real.

There are encounters that can be called other worldly. However, they are always present everywhere, so here we will tell you, based on expert reports, how it is possible for paranormal things to happen and can effect people negatively.


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Social psychologist Frank T. McAndrew explains in Psychology Today, what happens and how you can know get in touch with the paranormal: “Any of us could see a ghost, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. If you really want to see one, read this carefully (and if you don’t even remotely want to, too). The first requirement to meet beings from beyond is to believe.”

Experts say that it is more possible to see this type of phenomenon in threatening or ambiguous environments. McAndrew explains that if we aren’t familiar with the environment we’re in, we always tend to go on the defensive: «This response puts us on high alert, activating top-down processing that can reinforce our belief in the paranormal and cause us to see ghosts.» Filed Under: people who see ghosts


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These tendencies are measured with a «Revised Paranormal Belief Scale» which was published by Professor Jerome Tobacyk. Paranormal beliefs can be measured here, but also others such as traditional religious beliefs. This is one of the ways to know whether or not you are a person who can see ghosts.

But there is also childhood trauma and: “Those with an intuitive cognitive style tend to “go with their gut.” Those with an analytic cognitive style, on the other hand, proceed more slowly and methodically. They rely heavily on empirical information and try to avoid being too strongly influenced by emotions and intuition.» Filed Under: People who can see ghosts


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Muy Interesante also says that seeing ghosts has to do with hallucinations. But in another case, recently, McAndrew conducted an experiment by which he was able to show that «individuals who are intolerant of ambiguity like clarity and are quite uncomfortable with uncertainty.»

And he added: «They feel equally uncomfortable with the uncertainty about the present and with the uncertainty about the future, and in our study they expressed greater discomfort when seeing ambiguous or creepy images.»  Filed Under: People who can see ghosts

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