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Father Alberto presents his family and shows off his wife and children (PHOTO)

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Father Alberto's family (Photo: IG Padre Alberto/Getty Images)
  • Father Alberto introduces his family.
  • Opinions on social media.
  • He gave up everything for love.

Father Alberto Cutié, popularly known as Father Alberto, surprised his followers with a post on his Instagram account.

He sparked significant astonishment and confirming suspicions in the vast realm of social media.

This charismatic Hispanic Anglican priest, affiliated with the Episcopal Church in the United States, enjoys international popularity.

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Father Alberto is renowned for his media presence and his notable decision to leave his position as a Catholic priest for love.

The post in question features Father Alberto with his beautiful family, captured in a heartwarming photo that exudes love and happiness.

In the image, he is seen smiling, encircled by his wife and children, enjoying a special moment together.

As of this writing, the post has garnered over 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

«Beautiful family»

Family, praise, children, marriage, social networks
PHOTO: Getty Images – Archive

The caption accompanying the photo is heartfelt and filled with gratitude, as Father Alberto expresses his love for his family and the joy they share together.

‘Happy Christmas 2023! From our family to all our friends… May the light of the Child Jesus brighten our lives and our world,’ Father Alberto wrote.

The response to the post was immediate. Numerous followers conveyed their support and admiration for Father Alberto.

Comments included sentiments like, ‘What a beautiful photo and all of you look wonderful’, ‘Lovely photo and beautiful family’, ‘It’s so heartwarming to see you together as a family’, ‘The kids have grown up so fast and wonderfully’, and ‘A beautiful and blessed family.’

Impact on the Hispanic public

Father Alberto, religious, church, Hispanic, Catholic
PHOTO: Getty Images

Father Alberto, of Cuban descent, rose to prominence as a media figure, primarily through his appearances on radio and television programs where he discussed spiritual matters and offered counseling.

His charisma and ability to connect with his audience garnered him a loyal fan base and significant influence in the Hispanic community.

However, his rise to fame was not without controversies.

In 2009, he made international headlines.

He gave up everything for love

priest, rosary, hands, religion, MundoNOW
Father Alberto presents his family PHOTO: Shutterstock

This controversy erupted when photographs surfaced showing him on a beach, kissing a woman who was later identified as his current wife, Ruhama Canellis.

At that time, Father Alberto was serving as a Catholic priest, bound by a vow of celibacy.

The revelation sparked a significant scandal within the Catholic Church and ultimately prompted his decision to leave the priesthood and join the Episcopal Church.

Father Alberto explained that his love for Ruhama compelled him to make the difficult choice to leave his religious life in the Catholic Church and embark on a new path.

Father Alberto’s family

Father Alberto presents his family., Christmas, Christmas Eve, love, peace
Father Alberto presents his family PHOTO: Instagram

The couple married and began a family together, which has brought them immense joy and fulfillment.

The Instagram post that caused such a stir was one of the rare instances where Father Alberto openly shared his personal life on social media.

While he has maintained an active online presence to promote his ministry and discuss spiritual matters, he seldom showcases his family in public.

The heartwarming image in question features his wife, Ruhama, and their three children, all smiling and happily celebrating Christmas 2023. CLICK HERE to see the photo.

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