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Inicio » English » Entertainment » Fans worry after Karla Martínez is absent from ‘Despierta América’: Has she been fired?

Fans worry after Karla Martínez is absent from ‘Despierta América’: Has she been fired?

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Karla Martínez, absent, host, 'Despierta América'
Karla Martínez is absent from 'Despierta América' (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Was Karla Martínez fired Despierta América.
  • Fans worry after she’s absent from the show.
  • Why wasn’t Karla on the show last week?

Was Karla Martínez fired from Despierta América?

Despierta América is one of the most popular Spanish-language shows today and for more than 20 years it been a favorite of viewers.

One host in particular comes to mind when we think of the Univision show.

Karla Martínez has been the face of the show for an long time and and is beloved by her fans. That is why her recent absence has generated a wave of concern.

Karla Martínez is absent from Despierta América

Karla Martinez is absent
PHOTO: Mezcalent

On Wednesday’s broadcast, almost all the hosts of the Univisión morning show were present, with the exception of the gorgeous Mexican presenter Karla Martínez.

This generated a wave of confusion about why she wasn’t there.

Satcha Pretto, Raúl Martínez, Alan Tacher and Francisca were there as as usual, which made Karla’s absence stand out even more.

People immediately commented on the show’s Instagram account.

The hosts shared a selfie and one person was missing

Karla Martinez is absent
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In a selfie shared on Despierta América’s Instagram, all of the hosts appear together with the exception of Karla Martinez.

In the comments, people questioned why she wasn’t include, afraid that she had been fired.

Meanwhile, others criticized the hosts who did appear in the photo. So what’s going on?

Was Karla Martínez fired from the show?

PHOTO: Mezcalent

After noticing her absence from the morning show, and checking her Instagram stories, we can see she’s not on the show’s set.

This indicates that Karla Martínez wasn’t fired but is possibly taking a vacation.

The Mexican host shared some photos where you can see a church, and others of some exquisite and expensive dishes.

So far Karla has not disclosed where she is, but it is expected that she will soon reveal what is happening.

She is grateful to Despierta América

PHOTO: Mezcalent

The presenter has often said Despierta América is like her second family and she is grateful that they have given her the opportunity to grow so much.

«I love Despierta América. Waking people up with joy and good energy is a great blessing.»

«In addition, the schedule has allowed me to be a mother. I am very happy in my job,» she recently shared.

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