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Unbelievable! A fan thinks a Chick-fil-A employee is Peso Pluma (VIDEO)

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  • A Chick-Fil-A employee looks just like Peso Pluma.
  • Is the rapper trying to make extra money?
  • The truth about Peso Pluma and Valentín Elizalde.

A fan thinks a Chick-Fil-A employee is Peso Pluma. Hassan Emilio, the rapper better known as Peso Pluma, has become quite famous over the last few months. At only 23, he’s already topping the charts.

Now, many fans of the Mexican singer are copying his style, as the unique Peso Pluma haircut has even become one of the most requested in all of Mexico. However, it seems the trend isn’t only popular in Latin America.

A Chick-Fil-A employee looks just like Peso Pluma

PHOTO: Instagram

In Georgia, someone discovered a man who is almost identical to Peso Pluma himself. The video has exploded on TikTok.

Journalist Nelsie Carillo also shared these images on her Instagram account, where many people were impressed by the incredible resemblance. Many even thought it really was Peso Pluma.

People thought the Chick-Fil-A employee really was Peso Pluma

Featherweight mistaken for Chick-fil-a worker
PHOTO: Instagram

The images shocked many people due to the young man’s great resemblance to the singer. However, now that Peso Pluma’s hairstyle is in fashion there are many lookalikes in Mexico and Latin America.

Lately there has also been a lot of talk about Peso Pluma’s resemblance to Valentín Elizalde. People are also suspicious because their voices are so similar.

Is he Valentín Elizalde’s son? The ‘truth’ is revealed

PHOTO: Twitter

It’s been rumored that Hassan Emilio, better known as Peso Pluma, is the late Valentín Elizalde’s son. Now, Mhoni Vidente decided to read the cards and reveal the ‘truth’.

Mhoni Vidente revealed that, despite their similarities, Emilio is not related to El Gallo de Oro. However, she stressed that the singer has to be careful because of jealousy over his fame.

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