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Famous WWE wrestler Tony Jones, ‘The Shooter’, dies

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Tony Jones dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Wrestling star dies.
  • Community mourns loss.
  • Fighter’s legacy endures.

The unfortunate news of the departure of one of the entertainment and sports stars of wrestling has been confirmed.

The sad event was announced this weekend after a brief statement was issued that was spread on social meida.

After the death of a unique popular WWE figure, fans of this show have demonstrated through social media to say goodbye to the wrestler.

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Death of famous wrestler confirmed

Fighter Tony Jones dies, The Shooter, WWE, United States, Death
Fighter Tony Jones dies PHOTO Shutterstock

The world of professional wrestling is in mourning after the tragic news of the death of Tony Jones, known in the ring as ‘The Shooter’.

Jones, who rose to fame as All Pro Wrestling’s Universal Heavyweight Champion, died at the age of 53, leaving a void in the community and in the hearts of his fans.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jones displayed exceptional talent from a young age, excelling in wrestling, football, and track at Archbishop Riordan High School.

He continued his passion for wrestling at San Francisco State University, where he graduated with a degree in broadcasting in 1995, according to information from The Sun.

Outstanding career in sports

Wrestler Tony Jones, The Shooter, WWE, United States, Death
Fighter Tony Jones dies PHOTO Shutterstock

Standing at a towering height of 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 270 pounds, Jones became an icon on the professional wrestling scene.

Debuting in January 1997 after completing his training at Roland Alexander’s All Pro Wrestling school, according to The Sun.

His in-ring prowess led to him being recognized throughout the wrestling world, reaching his highest ranking on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 in 1998, at #462, and rising to #213 in 2004.

Despite his accomplishments in the ring, Jones is best known for his role in Barry W. Blaustein’s 1999 documentary, «Beyond the Mat,» which explored the lives of wrestlers outside the ring.

They share a moving statement

Sport, Death, Death, Famous, MundoNOW
PHOTO Capture of X

His partnership with occasional teammate Mike Modest was highlighted in this documentary, showing the human side and dedication these athletes had towards their profession.

Jones’ impact on wrestling goes beyond his athletic achievements. He was a loyal friend and devoted teammate, as All Pro Wrestling put it in a statement.

«All Pro Wrestling is extremely sad to learn of the death of former APW Universal Heavyweight Champion, ‘Shooter’ Tony Jones. Shooter, rest in power,» they wrote.

«Enjoy paradise with your baby. We will always love you, brother. Anthony ‘Shooter’ Jones 1971 – 2024,» they added in the statement.

Last words for the fighter

Although no details have been revealed about his death, the community and fans around the world have come together to remember and honor the life and career of Tony Jones.

His legacy will live on in the memories of those who knew him as an accomplished athlete and an exceptional person in and out of the ring.

«When I first saw ‘Shooter’, Tony Jones, that man was something special, he had a lot talent and it was very underestimated,» commented one user on social media.

«Rest in peace», «Always a great man, humble and motivated. Very sad news. Good luck sir», «My deepest condolences to Tony’s family, friends and fans. I will always love you my brother,» they said.

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