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Sin Broncas con La Bronca: When Your Family Doesn’t Like Your Partner (Part One)

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  • Sin Broncas con La Bronca discusses what happens when your family doesn’t like your partner.
  • This situation can even lead to the end of a relationship.
  • Coni Peña joins us to share stories of difficult mothers-in-law.

What happens when your partner’s family doesn’t like you? More than one person has experienced a similar situation where they have disagreements with their partner’s family.

However, there is something like when your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or suitor’s family doesn’t like you at all, and this can significantly complicate the relationship.

To discuss this issue, La Bronca has invited Coni Peña, a close friend, to share experiences and provide all possible help on this complicated topic.

The women start by commenting that, although it can be a complicated situation, if handled with prudence and intelligence, it shouldn’t necessarily separate the couple.

Couple conflicts

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When there is a disagreement, it might occur during a gathering, but ultimately, the couple will return home, and it shouldn’t escalate beyond a minor argument that happened.

The problem, they say, would be if it’s given more importance than it deserves, as for the man or the woman, taking sides is not easy due to the ties that bind them with the family.

That’s complicated for a person, because if they take one side, the other would be upset, so it’s not straightforward to take command, and it wouldn’t be good to put one in that position.

Later, Coni talks about experiences she has heard of, but, amidst laughter, says she has never fortunately experienced them.

Issues with mothers-in-law

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She has heard of mothers-in-law who have resorted to ex-girlfriends to be present at gatherings or to still be involved in their son’s life.

This situation, she says, can be complicated, but she reiterates that it’s not the worst that could happen.

La Bronca tells a similar story. She says that, once, she was very much in love with her partner, but the boy’s mother was too difficult.

To the point of comparing Bronca with the other, making comments like the ex never came empty-handed, cooked for him, etc.

Men seek something similar to their mother

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Bronca and Coni say that men mostly look for a woman who is similar to their mother. In fact, Peña says that her son made a comment that caught her attention.

He told her that she had made it very difficult for him because he couldn’t find a woman like her; hardworking, organized, and active, which made the woman reflect.

Coni’s son presented her with a different woman almost every week, but she told him that it wasn’t right and that, please, when it was something serious, then he could introduce her to the family.

Amidst laughter, Bronca tells her that, indeed, she is a beautiful woman and that it couldn’t be easy for her son to find a woman like her.

The other side of the coin

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They also discuss the other side, that is, when you are the mother-in-law and you worry about your son. It’s completely normal for a mother to be somewhat overbearing when it comes to her son’s partner.

But this doesn’t mean by any means that she has to be malicious, but cautious. A mother will always want the best for her family.

Coni admits that she has felt judged by her son’s partners and they think she is an aggressive woman, but it’s not about that. As mentioned before, it’s a fear of wanting the best.

With that said, she always aims to foster a healthy relationship with her son’s partners because, in the end, it’s necessary to get to know them to have a correct idea.

A story from Coni’s father

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Peña admits that her father was a bit of a flirt, but her mother always asked her to respect her father because he wasn’t a bad person.

She mentions this because she comments that she has a somewhat peculiar upbringing regarding her father’s ex-partners. At gatherings, they are sometimes present, but she is never rude to them.

Coni’s upbringing with women at these gatherings made her understand that exes are not necessarily bad, but it’s about the person.

Her mother always told her that her father is her father, regardless of any situation that might occur. This made her see that it’s not entirely uncommon to get along with an ex, but it doesn’t necessarily have to happen.

A story from one of Bronca’s mothers-in-law

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Inspired by Coni’s story, Bronca is encouraged to share one about a mother-in-law she had, which, upon reflection, left her somewhat marked but not traumatized.

She remembers that once, she called her partner and his mother answered the phone. When she asked to speak to the man, she heard clearly and loudly that he was talking to the fish.

She tells this because, besides being funny now, it indicates that your partner’s family does talk about you. It’s worth noting that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the intention could make a difference.

A possibly striking point is that, they say, if you are the youngest son, it somehow marks more. To conclude, they mention that there is a belief that no one is good enough for the son.

The first part

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This is just the first part of this series on what happens when your family doesn’t like your partner. In the next part, we will continue exploring other family members.

Remember that this space is about expressing ideas in a polite and also fun way, as we do not judge any human being.

We hope you enjoyed this first part and that, if you felt identified, you were able to laugh at the similarities in the stories.

Sin Broncas con la Bronca says goodbye for now and thanks you very much for following us. Until next time!

Sin Broncas con la Bronca
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