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Family cries out for justice after fatal attack of Mexican Ramón Chacón

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Ramón Chacón is run over (Photo: GoFundMe)
  • They took the life of Mexican Ramón Chacón.
  • He suffered a fatal collision.
  • Victim’s mother is devastated.

«All I want is justice for my son, for my family,» cries the mother of Ramón Chacón, a Hispanic father whose life was taken when he was returning home in Rifle County, Colorado.

Drowned in sorrow, María de la Luz Domínguez prays in front of her son’s altar.

All so that the authorities swiftly identify and arrest the person responsible for his death and the suffering of her family. «My son was good.»

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Ramón Chacón never arrived

Ramón Chacón, funeral, expenses, death, attack

It was barely 4:30 in the morning when 42-year-old Ramón Chacón was walking home to reunite with his wife and two girls, but he never made it.

The driver of a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee struck him and left him to fend for himself in the middle of the street, where he agonized without assistance until he died, according to authorities.

The news devastated his wife, Gabriela González, but she had to be strong, hold back her tears, and begin to address the funeral expenses and the care of their two daughters.

«My husband was the breadwinner of my family, and today I am left alone with my two daughters,» Gabriela manages to say after taking a deep breath.

The Mexican’s wife is devastated

victim, funeral, mexican, hispanic, latino

Gabriela affirms, «It’s a very big responsibility that I’m going to take on with them.»

The incident was captured on camera; the road surveillance cameras recorded the vehicle, but there are no further details about the driver or a possible license plate to locate them.

Officers who arrived at the scene reviewed the area’s footage, finding that after striking the Hispanic man, the truck headed east on Interstate 70, where its trail was lost.

The Rifle Department turned to the community to identify the suspect.

The person responsible has not been identified

Ramón Chacón, run over, death, murder, funeral

On April 29, three days after the fatal hit-and-run, they posted a vehicle search alert on their Facebook page, but there has been no response yet.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to the official statement, may have tinted windows and significant damage to the front and hood.

«I feel like I haven’t been getting enough support from the police in the investigations. So far, they haven’t given me good answers, and there’s nothing about the accident,» the wife complains.

While the family in the United States fights for justice, the pain of Ramón’s tragic departure has crossed borders, touching hearts in his hometown of Matachí, in northern Chihuahua, Mexico, where he is also remembered.

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