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Failed border policies: Immigrants from Venezuela and Guatemala risk crossing the dangerous Rio Grande

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Crossing the dangerous Rio Grande (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Immigration crisis in Eagle Pass, Texas.
  • Migrants risk dangerous crossing of the Rio Grande.
  • A call for immigration reform.

In Eagle Pass, Texas, the Border Patrol has encountered a group of immigrants from Venezuela and Guatemala.

Instead of going to a port of entry to request political asylum or using the CDP-1 app, many immigrants choose to cross the Rio Grande.

Their main reason is that the app doesn’t work and they’ve been waiting for months for an appointment that never arrives.

This sad episode is an obvious reflection of failed border policies that encourage irregular crossings and put the lives of immigrants at risk.

Texas has been making an effort to curb irregular border crossing

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The state of Texas is making a determined effort to discourage irregular border crossings and prevent loss of life.

In a video that documents these operations and shares testimonies from immigrants, one of them shared his experience of endless waiting.

The Venezuelan man said: «I’ve been waiting for an appointment for two months and I still haven’t received a response.»

Another immigrant from Guatemala expressed despair: «I have been waiting for my appointment for five months.»

The immigration crisis intensifies in Eagle Pass

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An Eagle Pass Coast Guard officer shared his experience on the front lines, highlighting the severity of the situation.

«Today we went to Eagle Pass and met a group of 11 undocumented immigrants who had just crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico, all born in Venezuela.»

«We also met a mother and child from Guatemala,» the officer said.

They are arriving in large numbers and we are seeing how the legal processes occur between entry points,» he explained.

Texas takes measures to prevent dangerous border crossings at Eagle Pass

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The state of Texas has implemented additional measures to try to discourage dangerous crossings and protect the lives of immigrants.

Along the river, signs have been posted warning of the dangers of crossing illegally.

State resources, including the National Guard and police forces, have been mobilized to reinforce security in the border area.

The National Guard emphasized the importance of deterring undocumented immigrants from crossing the Rio Grande.

An urgent call to authorities in Eagle Pass

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«We tell them that crossing the Rio Grande is very dangerous and that they must go to a port of entry to safely seek asylum.»

«We understand your frustrations, we know that the CDP-1 app is not working, but we implore you not to risk your lives on this dangerous journey,» he said.

In the midst of this humanitarian crisis, Texas authorities have provided medical care to immigrants and rescued many from extremely dangerous situations.

However, the persistent reality is that the lack of a functional asylum application system and the slow pace of appointments are forcing people to take desperate measures.

Concern in local communities about the immigration crisis in Eagle Pass

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The rise in dangerous crossings at the border has also caused concern in local communities.

Residents of Eagle Pass and other border areas are feeling increasingly unsafe due to the number of people entering differently, and fears are rising.

The state of Texas urgently calls on federal authorities to address these flaws in the asylum application system.

They also want the federal government to streamline the asylum process.

The quest for a humane and safe approach to the border crisis

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It is necessary to find ways out that give us a more humane and safe approach for those seeking asylum in the United States.

In Eagle Pass and other border cities, the fight to control dangerous crossings continues, while the wait continues for thousands of immigrants.

The situation at the Eagle Pass border is proof of the need for a total reform of immigration policies in the United States.

Evidently, the crisis in this region not only affects immigrants seeking safe haven, but also impacts local communities.

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