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Warning! Facebook phishing scam steals millions of users’ login info

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  • Scam steals Facebook users’ login info.
  • Millions of people are exposed.
  • Find out how criminals steal data.

Millions of Facebook users have had their login credentials stolen. According to a report published by PIXM Security, the scam works by sending users to a fake login page.

According to The Sun, the dummy page asks users to provide their personal data. However, what causes alarm is that this campaign, which looks like it is from Mark Zuckerberg’s social network but is not, has been harvesting data since September 2021 and has the potential to affect millions of users around the world.

How the Facebook phishing scam works

facebook technology

The Sun

The company said that the cyber attack had the ability to steal the login credentials of millions of users in just four months. However, it has not been specified what part of the world this phishing campaign, which involves stealing people’s data, is coming from.

Victims who click on the page are redirected to a website with ads and are immediately asked for their Facebook login information. That is when identity theft occurs, which allows the criminals to access their Messenger contacts and continue spreading.

The cyber attack spreads



People’s contacts in Messenger will receive a message asking them to click on the malicious page that steals the data. Therefore, a security consultant named James Bore assured The Sun that people should be more vigilant than ever about their Facebook use, especially after this phishing campaign.

“While these phishing attacks may seem obvious, they can catch out even cautious or experienced users in a moment of inattention. There’s a huge number of these scams out there because they’re highly profitable for the criminals behind them,” he stated. Bore recommended double checking if there is any doubt.

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