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Fabián Gallardo Jr. is accused of kidnapping his own family

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  • Fabián Gallardo Jr. was arrested in El Paso, Texas, accused of having kidnapped his wife and daughter from their own home.
  • The woman had to ask her daughter’s teacher for help through Zoom while the girl took the class.
  • Gallardo Jr., 26, was detained by SWAT agents after being barricaded with his family for several hours.

Fabián Gallardo Jr. was arrested in Texas on

charges of kidnapping his own family from their home and causing them panic.

Gallardo Jr., 26, was captured by agents of the El Paso Police Department (EPPD), in Texas, after he held his own wife and daughter captive and frightened inside their home.

Agents from the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) had to arrive at the man’s home, as a commando, in order to arrest him before he harmed his family members.

According to the documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, on Monday afternoon, March 8, a 6-year-old girl was taking elementary classes with her teacher on the computer via Zoom.

Suddenly the mother of the little girl appeared in the picture, on the screen of her daughter’s teacher, asking for help because her husband was attacking her.

The woman desperately screamed at her daughter’s teacher to please call the police as she assured that both she and the little girl were in danger.

Suddenly the communication through the Zoom between the teacher and the girl and her mother was cut off, which scared the teacher, who was stunned by what just happened. The recording of the conversation remained in the legal documents as evidence.

Given what just happened, the girl’s teacher called the EPPD emergency number to report the family tragedy she just witnessed with him. captivity of women.

Fabián Gallardo Jr., 26, is accused of having held his wife and daughter against his will and at his home for several hours. (Photo: El Paso Police Department)

The seriousness of the situation forced several EPPD agents to go to the house marked 2214 Cumbre Negra where the school of the minor had registered the residence of the student.

According to the testimony that the girl’s teacher gave the operator of the EPPD emergency number, her student’s mother yelled at her to help her because for some reason her husband, Fabián Gallardo Jr., was very violent.

The woman told the teacher that her husband had been holding her and her daughter for several days and would not let them go out or do anything inside the house without her permission, all before the communication by Zoom was cut off.

When they arrived at the house on Cumbre Negra Street, in the northwest of the El Paso metropolitan area, they heard the cries of the woman crying out for help.

In a desperate attempt to get the authorities to help her, the woman managed to reach her cell phone, which the man had already forbidden her to use, and called 911. But then Gallardo Jr. snatched it from her and smashed it on the floor.

Faced with the imminent violence of what was happening inside the house, the EPPD patrols tried to enter the home but found that Fabián Gallardo Jr. had locked all the doors and windows and also blocked them.

EPPD agents shouted for Fabián Gallardo Jr. to come out and leave his wife and daughter alone. Even an officer, in a conciliatory tone, offered the man psychological help to solve his problems.

However, Gallardo Jr. in a belligerent tone told the police to leave his home and that his domestic problem with his wife was not a matter for the authorities.

Then the EPPD officers requested the presence at the Cumbre Negra house of specialized SWAT agents to resolve the situation in the face of Fabián Gallardo Jr.’s stubbornness and before he hurt his family.

When SWAT agents arrived at the house, they surrounded the place and told Fabián Gallardo Jr. to turn himself in and stop exposing his wife and daughter. However, the man continued to resist going out.

Finally an agent from the Crisis Management Unit, who approached the door to speak to the man, approached the door to convince him to surrender in peace because she was risking being shot by SWAT agents.

After listening to the officer of the Crisis Management Unit, the man agreed to leave his house in peace and then the agents of the specialized team surrounded them to arrest him.

Fabián Gallardo Jr. is already detained in the prison of the El Paso County charged with restricting a person’s liberty, aggravated violence against his family, resisting arrest and interfering with an emergency call.

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