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Experts warn hurricane season is starting early in the Atlantic

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Hurricane season, 2024, USA, weather
Hurricane season starting early (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Hurricane season is starting early this year.
  • Experts warn of turbulent weather.
  • The public is urged to be alert.

Normally, the start of hurricane season would be months away, but the Atlantic waters don’t seem to have gotten the memo.

According to reports, ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic are historically warm for this time of year.

This increases the risk of a very active tropical hurricane season that could be reinforced by the brewing La Niña.

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“This season should be full speed ahead, as there are no factors going against an active season,” said Brian McNoldy, a senior research scientist at the University of Miami.

«We’ll likely have an anomalously warm ocean and neutral or La Niña conditions for the peak of hurricane season,» he added.

«[A]ll the things you don’t want if you want less Atlantic storms,» McNoldy continued.

Amid what should be relative calm before the official start of hurricane season, the North Atlantic seems to be crying out for attention.

An unusually active Hurricane season

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Although the peak  months for these intense storms are far off, the waters that feed them are preparing in silence, without respecting the established meteorological calendars.

With ocean temperatures historically high for this time of year, experts are warning of the possibility of an exceptionally active tropical storm season.

This will potentially be aggravated by the arrival of La Niña, according to CNN.

The increase in water temperature not only facilitates the formation of hurricanes, but also contributes to their strengthening.

What can we expect this year?

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This phenomenon, driven by the energy provided by warmer waters, can result in more powerful and destructive hurricanes.

Recent measurements of North Atlantic Ocean surface temperatures reveal unprecedented levels for the month of February, exceeding usual records by one degree Celsius.

These figures, more typical of June than February, mark an unusual phenomenon that has not been seen in decades.

Experts emphasize that this increase in ocean temperature is part of a broader trend of global warming and extreme weather events.

Hurricane season starting early

Hurricane Norma forms, Hurricane Norma, storm, weather, MundoNOW
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McNoldy highlights that this unprecedented ocean heat wave began in March and has persisted ever since, fueled by a super El Niño and the ongoing impact of human-caused climate change.

This situation raises serious concerns for coastal communities and disaster management authorities.

An increased number of hurricanes and tropical storms, exacerbated by their increased intensity, could result in catastrophic damage.

Critical infrastructure, the loss of human life and a devastating impact on the regional economy would be some of the consequences.

The public needs to prepare

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Photo: Shutterstock

In the months leading up to the official start of hurricane season, it’s vital for the public to prepare.

A coordinated response is urgent.

Governments, relief organizations and the scientific community must join forces to address this imminent threat and take proactive measures to protect vulnerable populations.

They must work to mitigate the potential impacts of an unprecedented hurricane season starting early this year.

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