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They reveal the last photo of Iván Cantú with his mother before being executed

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Execution of Iván Cantú, Sentence, Mom, MundoNow, News
Execution of Iván Cantú (PHOTO Shutterstock/The Associated Press)
  • Execution of Iván Cantú.
  • Conviction for double homicide.
  • Last photo with his mother.

On February 28th, the execution date of Iván Cantú was set, despite the Hispanic man’s insistence on his innocence, sparking an urgent call to review his case.

He was sentenced in 2001 for the double homicide of his cousin, James Mosqueda, and Mosqueda’s fiancée, Amy Kitchen, which occurred in 2000.

Cantú persisted in requesting a review of his case and a halt to his execution, but it was not enough. Now, a poignant image with his mother, who pleaded for his life, has been released.

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Iván Cantú, born in Dallas in 1973, was 27 years old when he was accused of the crimes, working as a laborer, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

He spent over two decades in prison, reaching the age of 50 with a looming fate as the execution date drew nearer.

His execution had been suspended twice in an effort to prove his innocence before receiving the death penalty; however, he failed to escape his conviction.

Various organizations, along with Cantú, have expressed serious reservations about the case, demanding a thorough review.

Iván Cantú is executed

Last photo of Iván Cantú, Iván Cantú, Execution, Sylvia Cantú, Texas
Last photo of Iván Cantú PHOTO Shutterstock

Despite the pleas from organizations and Cantú himself, authorities did not reconsider the case once more. After a long wait, authorities executed Cantú in Texas.

It was announced that Iván Cantú was declared dead at 6:47 p.m. (local time), the man who maintained his innocence throughout his time on death row.

Through their Twitter account, the Collin County Prosecutor confirmed the death of the Hispanic man convicted of a presumed double homicide.

«After over two decades of multiple state and federal courts thoroughly reviewing his conviction, Iván Cantú finally faced justice tonight,» they said.

Sylvia Cantú pleaded for her son

United States, Execution, News, Death, Crime
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«The guilt of Cantú was confirmed with clear and powerful evidence. The test results leave no doubts about his culpability,» the statement reads.

Meanwhile, what could be the last photograph of Iván Cantú with his mother has been shared on social media.

The woman, who also advocated for her son by demanding a review of his case and halting the execution, even pleaded hours before his dreadful fate.

«I want to reclaim my life and have my family together, I want to reclaim our life,» Sylvia Cantú expressed tearfully hours before the execution.

Last photo of Iván Cantú with his mother

Death penalty, United States, Homicide, Death, MundoNOW
PHOTO Screenshot Instagram ‘Dallas for change’

The Instagram account named ‘Dallas for change’ shared the image with the following message: «This could be the last photo of Ivan Cantú and his mother, Sylvia.»

«It was taken this morning during their visit. The state of Texas is ready to execute Ivan in 10 minutes,» they added, showing the Cantús trying to hold a smile.

Mother and son are separated by glass that did not allow them to make contact, preventing them from giving each other a hug as Sylvia had stated to the media.

«I want to hug my son, I haven’t done it in 23 years. They did this, so they have to fix it,» she concluded painfully about the verdict. To see the photo, click HERE.

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