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Pablo Lyle’s ex-wife makes an unexpected revelation about the actor

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Ex-wife of Pablo Lyle (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Ex-wife of Pablo Lyle reveals information.
  • Ana Araujo makes unexpected confessions.
  • The decisions he made in the face of tragedy.

The career of the famous Mexican actor Pablo Lyle took a drastic turn in March 2019 due to an outburst of anger that proved fatal for Ricardo Hernández.

However, the actor assured that it was not his intention to cause such a tragedy. Lyle is currently serving a prison sentence for his actions.

Faced with this situation, his ex-wife, Ana Araujo, decided to end their marriage amid complicated circumstances, as revealed by Tv Novelas magazine.

The businesswoman has decided to open up on Aislinn Derbez’s podcast, sharing the true nature of her relationship with the actor.

The transformation in the life of Pablo Lyle

 Ana Araujo, ex-wife, divorce process, resilience, adversity
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Araujo ended up confirming that he had already started the divorce process before Lyle’s arrest.

The businesswoman, in the chapter titled «Resiliencia: cómo reconstruirse después de la tragedia,» revealed that the divorce process was already underway.

This occurred when the events that led to Pablo Lyle’s arrest took place, as reported on Aislinn Derbez’s podcast.

«For me it was a very important turning point because Pablo and I were already in the divorce process when all this happened,» said Araujo, ex-wife of the Mexican actor.

The businesswoman opens up on podcast

gesture, blue suit, support, unconditional
Pablo Lyle’s ex-wife PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to Ana Araujo, her marriage was already going through a decline before the problems linked to Pablo Lyle.

All of this as a result of the traffic conflict and the actor’s subsequent arrest caught her off guard.

«Situations had already happened between our relationship that had led us, especially me, to make this decision,» she said.

«They were situations with which I am already very calm and at peace, whatever can be said about it, we have already overcome them,» said Ana Araujo.

The divorce process for Ana Araujo

famous, prison, Mexican, MundoNow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In addition, she explained that she decided to pause the divorce process for a powerful reason: «We were starting that process and when all this happens,» she said.

«For me it was like: ‘God, what do I do?’ But the truth is that seeing him so affected, there was no way I wanted to continue with that process.

«Then I said: ‘Forget about this right now, first lets’ deal with this,» revealed the businesswoman and ex-wife of Pablo Lyle.

Araujo explained her decision to postpone the divorce: «I made this decision to keep in a drawer what I felt and what I wanted, and decide for the family, to be with him.»

Ana Araujo talks about the support she gave the actor

media figure, impact, podcast, Aislinn Derbez, revelations
PHOTO: Mezcalent

She also said: «Whatever happened in our relationship the truth is that we have always been very good friends.»

«So there was no way for me to leave him alone,» the influencer shared with Aislinn Derbez.

Regarding Pablo Lyle’s sentence, Judge Marisa Tinkler of the Miami County Court ruled a sentence of 13 years, of which he will spend five in state prison.

The actor will spend eight more years on probation, according to ‘Tiki Takas’. Pablo Lyle’s life was irreversibly transformed.

The difficult situation for the Mexican actor

unexpected, consequences, 13 years, trajectory, arrest
Pablo Lyle’s ex-wife PHOTO: Mezcalent

His ex-wife, Ana Araujo, reveals in a podcast the complexity of her relationship with the actor and how they were already in the process of divorcing before Lyle’s arrest.

Although their marriage was going through a slope Araujo decided to postpone the divorce upon seeing the emotional impact on Lyle, choosing to support him during the difficult time.

The surprising revelation highlights the complexity of personal relationships and how unexpected circumstances can influence the most intimate decisions.

While Pablo Lyle faces a 5-year sentence, the story reveals the fragility of the public and private lives of media figures (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE).

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