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Toni Costa’s girlfriend Evelyn Beltrán shares bikini mirror selfie (PHOTOS)

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  • Evelyn Beltrán shares a cheeky bikini mirror selfie.
  • Toni Costa’s gorgeous girlfriend shows off her assets.
  • Are she and Adamari López competing?

Mexican model Evelyn Beltrán, who is dating Spanish dancer Toni Costa, decided to share a sexy bikini mirror selfie on Instagram. The influencer got some surprising reactions.

The relationship between Adamari López’s ex and the Mexican model is still going strong more than a year after they began dating. The couple is making future plans and everyone is waiting for an engagement announcement.

Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa

PHOTO: Instagram

Evelyn Beltran is a Mexican influencer and model and she has a son with her ex Timbo Domínguez. She and Toni Costa met and fell completely in love with each other.

A few months after Adamari made her break up with Toni Costa official, the Spanish dancer met Beltrán. However, the relationship was not confirmed until a few months later.

Evelyn Beltrán posts a sexy bikini selfie

Evelyn Beltrán poses in a bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

The model shared a selfie wearing a hot pink bikini showing everyone why Adamari López’s ex has gone crazy for her. «Today, tomorrow and always I decide to look for what makes me happy,» Evelyn wrote on Instagram.

The beautiful Mexican model isn’t letting what other people think affect her. And it is worth noting that Evelyn has received many negative comments and hate from Adamari Lopez fans because of her relationship with Toni.

Is she competing with Adamari?

Evelyn Beltrán poses in a bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

As her fans already know, Adamari lost a huge amount of weight after the breakup. Some speculate she had surgery, while others believe it was diet and exercise.

People are constantly comparing Evelyn and Adamari and debating who is prettier. Though, we can all agree both women are beautiful.

Sick of being called a ‘homewrecker’?

PHOTO: Instagram

A few weeks ago, Univision shared that Evelyn Beltrán was tired of being called a ‘homewrecker’, since many think she was responsible for Toni Costa and Adamari López splitting. However she clarified that this was not the case and that she met the dancer months after they broke up.

Evelyn also has no problem admitting to having cosmetic procedures: «I had 360 lipo, I don’t lose sleep over being honest about what I do and I will always share what I do because you never know who is going through the same thing you are.»

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