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Eulalio Rodríguez, from the Border Patrol, arrested for drug trafficking

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  • Eulalio M. Rodríguez, a Border Patrol agent, was arrested by the FBI on charges of cocaine trafficking
  • Rodríguez, 35, was part of a network that took drugs from south to north Texas
  • The case remains open and federal agents could arrest more people

Eulalio M. Rodríguez, a Border Patrol agent, was arrested for being part of a drug trafficking ring in Texas. Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Rodríguez as he was part of a group of suspected cocaine and amphetamines traffickers between Mexico and the United States.

Rodriguez was detained by FBI agents last Thursday, April 1, 2021, after several months of undercover investigations by the federals in southeast Texas, who even tracked down all of the agent’s conversations with his accomplices in the trafficking of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Eulalio Rodríguez, a Border Patrol agent, trafficked drugs

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol
A Border Patrol agent, on the Rio Grande River in Texas, checks that his surveillance zone does not contain drugs or illegal immigrants (PHOTO File of the Department of Homeland Security)

The photograph of Eulalio M. Rodríguez is not available to the public. The Border Patrol agent was assigned to the immigration station in the city of Zapata, in southeastern Texas, in front of Falcon Lake and which is a natural barrier fed by the Rio Grande and that separates Mexico from the United States.

In addition to Rodríguez, Arturo Trejo and Gumercindo Vásquez Guerrero were also detained by the FBI, according to the legal documents of the case and of which exclusively MundoHispánico in Texas it has a copy; the defendants will face criminal prosecution before Federal Judge J. Scott Hacker in McAllen.

The FBI undercover investigation

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol

The case against Eulalio M. Rodríguez began on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, when FBI agents intercepted the calls of a man named Adrián Delgado, whom they already had under surveillance, and who is an undocumented immigrant in Texas with a criminal record. . A judge authorized the agents to tap the cell phone.

The FBI agents had seven days, from August 5, to follow all of Delgado’s movements. That August 12 the man spoke with someone named Eulalio and they agreed to take a trip from Zapata to Laredo, to see a lawyer who would help him adjust his legal stay in the United States despite his criminal record.

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol Who is “Individual A”?

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol

Routinely, FBI agents were interested in knowing who this Eulalio was and discovered that the man was a Border Patrol agent in Texas and with legal residence in the cities of Harlingen and Zapata. The FBI was then very interested to know why a federal police officer was friends with an undocumented man with a criminal record.

FBI agents placed Eulalio M. Rodríguez under covert surveillance and began tracking all of his movements, finances, and friends. On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Rodríguez made an appointment with «Individual A» in the parking lot of a shopping center in Harlingen, Texas.

One thousand dollars for every kilo of cocaine transported

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol

Eulalio M. Rodríguez arrived at the meeting dressed in civilian clothes and driving his private car, stopped and got into the car of «Individual A». The legal documents in the case do not reveal that person’s name. During the meeting inside the car, Rodríguez told «Individual A» that a woman in his circle was willing to transport the drug.

However, the Border Patrol agent told «Individual A» that the woman wanted $ 2,000 for each kilogram transported and not the 1,000 that had been offered to her. «Individual A» said that he was maintaining his offer of $ 1,000 and no more and that the drug would be hidden in a cooler, with ice, to avoid detection by the dogs.

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol: More Carriers

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol

The negotiation between “Individual A” and Eulalio M. Rodríguez was not achieved and the two men continued on their way. However, on January 25, the Border Patrol agent called «Individual A» and told him that the woman he trusted agreed to transport the drug for the payment of $ 1,000 per kilo and the transport of the cocaine was made.

On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the Border Patrol agent called «Individual A» to introduce him to another person from his circle of trust who was willing to transport 20 kilos of cocaine and methamphetamine to the northern United States. Agent Eulalio M. Rodríguez and «Individual A» agreed to meet with that person.

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol: Arturo and Gumercindo

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol

Rodríguez met with «Individual A» and arrived accompanied by Arturo Trejo, whom he presented as a driver and people he trusted. Rodríguez told the mysterious «Individual A» that the transport of the drug would be done by Trejo, but that the payments would have to be made to him. The other man agreed.

On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Arturo Trejo had to go to a place in Harlingen, Texas, to pick up the cocaine and methamphetamine that he had to transport. It is not detailed where he should collect the drug. However, he did not arrive and in his place appeared Gumercindo Vásquez Guerrero, who identified himself as a trusted person of the Border Patrol agent.

The cocaine trip in the blizzard

That Thursday, February 11, was just when the historic snowstorm hit Texas. Vásquez Guerrero collected the drug, also hidden in a cooler filled with ice bags, to mislead the dogs at the checkpoints. The drug was to be transported to North Texas.

The transport of the drug went smoothly. Vásquez Guerrero and “Individual A” were in communication by cell phone the entire time, to make sure that the cocaine and methamphetamines reached their destination. The next day, Eulalio M. Rodríguez met with «Individual A» to pay him $ 10,000 for the transportation of the drug.

The arrest of Eulalio Rodríguez from the Border Patrol

What of course neither the Border Patrol agent nor “Individual A” knew was that the FBI was documenting all their calls, taking photographs and making videos of each of their encounters and of Arturo Trejo and Gumercindo’s drug deals. Vasquez Guerrero.

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, at dawn, FBI agents in Texas, in simultaneous operations, surrounded the houses of Gumercindo Vásquez Guerrero, 70 years old; Arturo Trejo, 39 years old; and Border Patrol agent Eulalio M. Rodríguez, 35, and detained them.

Up to ten years sentence if convicted

Some of the legal documents of the case are not for public consultation, since the investigation of the case is still open, nor is it detailed what happened to «Individual A» and whether he was already detained, nor is it revealed whether Adrián Delgado was captured by some crime.

Rodríguez, Vásquez Guerrero and Trejo already had their first hearing on Friday, April 2, 2021, before federal judge J. Scott Hacker in McAllen, Texas. The federal crime of conspiracy to distribute drugs could lead the three men to serve a sentence of up to ten years in jail, if convicted of that crime.

Eulalio Rodríguez Border Patrol, in a cartel?

As of this writing, the Border Patrol has not issued any statement on the arrest of Agent Eulalio M. Rodríguez on the serious charges against which the FBI is accusing him. The document, of which MundoHispánico has a copy, does not detail if the three men collaborated specifically with a Mexican drug cartel.

In 2016 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, for its acronym in English) issued a statement in which it assured that Border Patrol agents who are corrupt represent a «threat to the security» of the United States, and even admitted that in certain sectors of the border they » internal disciplinary process ”are broken.

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