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Estibaliz Badiola, ex of Christian Nodal, does not want to know anything about the singer and Ángela Aguilar

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Estibaliz Badiola, Christian Nodal, Ángela Aguilar, ex, MundoNOW
Estibaliz Badiola ex of Christian Nodal (PHOTO: Mezcalent/Instagram screenshot)
  • Christian Nodal and His Famous Ex-Girlfriends
  • Estibaliz Badiola Was One of Them
  • Ángela Aguilar Was Her Friend

Before Cazzu and Belinda, and of course, Ángela Aguilar, Christian Nodal had other girlfriends.

One of them was Luisa Fernanda Macías, who dated the singer when they were both in high school.

In 2019, the singer was in a relationship with María Fernanda Guzmán, daughter of the former Mexican footballer Daniel Guzmán.

A couple of years earlier, he was in a relationship with influencer and singer Estibaliz Badiola, who now wants nothing to do with the singer and his new girlfriend.

Estibaliz Badiola and Ángela Aguilar Were Friends

Estibaliz Badiola, friends, social networks, photos, MundoNOW
Estibaliz Badiola -PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

According to information from Excélsior, Estibaliz Badiola and Ángela Aguilar, Christian Nodal’s current girlfriend, were friends.

Social media users have ‘revived’ some images of both young women.

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Furthermore, the influencer described Pepe Aguilar’s daughter as ‘an incredible friend’.

This has brought many criticisms to ‘Angelita’, as she also had friendships with Cazzu and María Fernanda Guzmán.

It should be noted that today, Estibaliz Badiola is the girlfriend of singer Adriel Favela.

Together, they recently recorded a song that talks about ‘true love,’ she said in an interview.

«Before, they didn’t like seeing us together, Adriel says something very interesting in the lyrics of the song, so I am very happy,» revealed Nodal’s ex.

Taking advantage of the topic of ‘love’, the young woman was asked about the singer’s relationship with Ángela Aguilar, even the reporter mentioned they were ‘milk sisters’.

Just when a reporter questioned her about this issue, Estibaliz Badiola’s demeanor completely changed.

Christian Nodal’s ex simply stated that she had to leave and boarded a van. It seems the question made her uncomfortable.

According to information from EXA FM, Estibaliz and the singer were dating when she was 20 and he was 18 years old.

It is said that their love was fleeting and ended just as the singer’s career began to take off (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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