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‘Estafadores Seriales’ is an intriguing new podcast from Óyenos Audio on MundoNOW

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Estafadores Seriales, óyenos audio, podcast, MundoNow, show
Estafadores Seriales podcast (PHOTO: MundoNOW)
  • Estafadores Seriales is a new podcast on Óyenos Audio.
  • Dafnne Wejebe explores fascinating scams.
  • Find out about million-dollar fraudsters.

Lovers of mysteries and intrigue can’t miss the premiere of the Estafadores Seriales podcast.

Exclusively for Óyenos Audio, the talented Dafnne Wejebe, director of audio content at MundoNOW, presents an exciting new project.

This podcast promises to immerse listeners in the fascinating world of serial scammers — cunning individuals who have turned scamming into an art.

You can listen to the new Estafadores Seriales podcast by clicking HERE.


Serial Scammers, podcast, Óyenos Audio, Dafnne Wejebe, MundoNOW, Estafadores Seriales

These scammers are motivated entirely by greed. They seize every opportunity that presents itself and take advantage of their victims’ naivety.

Whether opportunists or professionals, these individuals are true masterminds and artists of deception who know exactly how, and whom, to manipulate.

Dafnne Wejebe, with her unique voice, will bring to life each of the cases based on real events that are analyzed for this intriguing project.

Listeners will be able to immerse themselves in the stories of individuals who carry out million-dollar frauds, changing their identity, nationality and even their face — living by impersonating others.

They are masters of deception

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Despite their skills at deception, these scammers fear being discovered and facing the consequences of their actions.

Serial scammers orchestrate financial frauds by gaining the trust of their victims so they can make their big move when they least expect it.

The Estafadores Seriales podcast, explores shocking cases, revealing the techniques and strategies used by these criminals to carry out their scams.

Below, we present a preview of the most surprising cases that you can enjoy in the first episodes.

Shocking scams

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Anna Sorokin: The High Society Scammer. Known as ‘Anna Delvey,’ Anna Sorokin posed as a wealthy German heiress to infiltrate New York’s high society.

Through a web of lies, she managed to live a luxurious life funded by her victims before her facade crumbled.

Ruja Ignatova: The Cryptocurrency Queen Who Disappeared. Ruja Ignatova was the mastermind behind OneCoin, a supposed cryptocurrency that turned out to be a global Ponzi scheme.

She mysteriously disappeared in 2017, leaving behind thousands of defrauded investors.

More masters of deception

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PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive.

Ambar Theft: The Fraud of the Century. A group of expert scammers carried out a multimillion-dollar ambar theft, using sophisticated tactics to deceive customs authorities and merchants.

This case will expose the audacity and cunning of the criminals involved.

Bernard Madoff: The Wall Street Mastermind. Bernard Madoff perpetrated the largest Ponzi scheme in financial history, defrauding investors of billions of dollars.

His downfall will reveal how he managed to deceive some of the most sophisticated investors for decades.

Are you ready to meet the scammers?

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With these cases, Estafadores Seriales presents itself as an exciting and revealing journey through the criminal minds behind some of the most impactful frauds in recent history.

Listeners of MundoNOW and Óyenos Audio won’t want to miss this podcast that will shed light on the dark intricacies of fraud.

It will provide a unique insight into the minds of those who are ruled by greed and manipulation.

Are you ready to meet them? Don’t wait any longer to listen to Estafadores Seriales on all audio platforms.

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