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Erik Rubín reveals that he suffers from a serious illness

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Erik Rubín's illness (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Erik Rubín suffers from illness
  • Causes concern in his fans
  • What happens with Andrea Legarreta’s ex?

Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta have stirred controversy by ending their marriage without proceeding to a formal divorce or creating physical distance between themselves.

Despite their evident romantic separation, they continue to show a strong commitment to their professional responsibilities and parental roles, often appearing together at family events.

Recently, Rubín’s health became a topic of concern among his followers when he announced that he is ill and bedridden.

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While on a trip to the United States, Erik Rubín, the former member of ‘Timbiriche’, experienced significant discomfort related to his digestive system.

He revealed via his Instagram stories that he contracted a stomach infection, which necessitated him stepping back from his activities to rest in his hotel room.

The severity of the symptoms prompted him to make the decision to temporarily pause his engagements.

Rubín expressed, in his own words, the need to take a hiatus to focus on his health and ensure a full recovery.

Reports that he has an illness

Erik Rubín, illness, concern, Andrea Legarreta's ex, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Adding to the narrative of his health issues, Erik Rubín, known for his role in the musical ‘Gaseline’, shared a telling selfie from his bed. In the image, he appears lying down, looking visibly unwell.

To emphasize his condition, he included a sticker of a ‘sick’ cat along with a caption stating his medical diagnosis: stomach infection.

This candid snapshot, posted during his trip to the United States, was intended to provide more context to his followers about his discomfort.

The selfie, capturing his health struggles, naturally sparked concern among his fans.

It was nothing serious

 marriage without divorce, work and parental commitment, mundonow
PHOTO: Erik Rubín Instagram

Currently, there are no further updates on Erik Rubín’s health status.

However, the content shared on social media by him and his daughters offers some reassurance.

While they haven’t provided detailed information, the posts on these platforms suggest a positive outlook on his well-being.

The family has used these online channels to convey that Rubín’s health is stable, which has been instrumental in alleviating concerns and providing peace of mind to those closely monitoring his situation.»

Was it because of his daughters?

obvious rupture, trip to the United States, digestive discomfort, stomach infection
Erik Rubín suffers from illness PHOTO: Mezcalent

While enjoying a family vacation at Disney World, Erik Rubín unfortunately contracted a stomach infection.

Adding an interesting dynamic to the trip, the Rubín Legarretas were accompanied by Tarik Othón, the boyfriend of Rubín’s daughter Mía.

The family’s visit to the renowned amusement park was marred by Erik’s health issues, as he dealt with gastrointestinal problems during their stay.

Moreover, Tarik Othón’s presence brought an unexpected twist to the family’s usual vacation dynamics.

His son-in-law was present

andrea legarreta, deteriorated appearance, sick cat sticker, singer,
Erik Rubín suffers from illness PHOTO: Mezcalent

The inclusion of Tarik Othón, Mía’s boyfriend, in the family vacation to Disney World sparked online speculation and highlighted the unique nature of their holiday experience.

It underscored the close relationship he shares with Mía. Despite Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín being present, the young couple did not shy away from expressing their affection on social media.

Mía has been posting romantic photos with Tarik, capturing their special moments at the amusement park during the December festivities.

Furthermore, rumors are circulating that Mía and Tarik are celebrating their seventh month of dating, adding a layer of romance to their holiday getaway.

find love

Disney World, separation, illness, serious, obvious love relationship, mundonow
Erik Rubín suffers from illness PHOTO: Mezcalent

Their public displays of affection have garnered considerable attention on digital platforms, where Mía and Tarik have openly shared key moments from their relationship.

These posts reveal their strong connection and the celebration of significant milestones in their romance. Continuously sharing their joy, the couple’s relationship seems to be flourishing in the public eye.

Importantly, the recent separation of her parents, Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta, has not hindered Mía’s pursuit of love. She has found a way to nurture her relationship with Tarik, involving her well-known parents in her journey.

This dynamic showcases her ability to balance personal happiness with the complexities of a life lived in the spotlight.

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