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Alonso Bañuelas reveals the ‘secrets’ of his new podcast with MundoNOW

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Alonso Bañuelas La Entrevista podcast (Photo: MundoNOW)
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He’s moved up from correcting spelling in a local newspaper to interviewing Thalía and Enrique Iglesias — and now he has his own podcast.

This summarizes the brilliant career of Mexican journalist Alonso Bañuelas, who is making his podcast debut on MundoNow.

The first episode of La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas is now available on all platforms through Óyenos Audio, and with the support of iHeart.

Before you continue reading, we invite you to download the La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas podcast HERE.


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1. In 20 years in the entertainment world, have you ever imagined hosting your own podcast?

interview Alonso Bañuelas, Alonso Bañuelas, Chabelo, podcast, MundoNOW
Alonso Bañuelas early in his career interviewing Chabelo / PHOTO: MundoNOW

I have always worked thinking that dreams come true, that perseverance and dedication have their reward.

There have been many years of work and struggle, but always with the objective of continuing to bring first-hand information to people, in quality information.

I think that one of my dreams was to have my own podcast, because new technologies encourage you to renew yourself.

I started with the written press, so making the leap to podcasts is a great achievement.

2. How does La Entrevista con Alonso Bañuelas stand out compared to other podcasts of its type?

The Tragedy Train, Emmy-winning report, Emmy awards, immigrant tragedy, MundoNOW

I always try to maintain respect for the interviewee, knowing their career and giving them the place they deserve.

I like that they feel confident and know that they are with someone who knows them, that they are in good hands and that the people who listen to them will get a good message from them.

I like that the interviews end with a positive message, because we all have battles that few know about.

And sometimes narrated by other voices, they make others who are going through difficult times take them as a reference to overcome whatever complication they may be going through.

3. How do you prepare to do an interview?

Alonso Bañuelas, Fey, The Interview with Alonso Bañuelas, podcast, MundoNOW
Alonso Bañuelas interviewing Fey / PHOTO: MundoNOW

One of my great teachers was Gabriel Bauducco, an Argentine journalist who told us that it was necessary not to sleep before an interview to prepare well, so he didn’t sleep.

And so I do it, before any interview I prepare well by getting to know the interviewee and looking for ways I can obtain new information.

But I also like that they tell stories that are probably known to some, but not to others.

The objective is for us to address different emotions that make them remember, imagine and project their life.

4. Who has been the most difficult personality to interview?

Les Miserables, Telemundo, Aylin Mújica, Erik Hayser, Diego Soldano, MundoNOW

The hardest one was probably Thalia.

Not only because it was difficult to get the interview but because she refused to talk about political and social issues.

Sometimes many artists do not want to delve into topics that spark conflict.

But the challenge is how to get them to open up without feeling pressured.

5. Which celebrity did you enjoy interviewing the most?

Enrique Iglesias, Día Siete Magazine, El Universal supplement, MundoNOW

Enrique Iglesias, I always say it, it has been a surprise to see how someone with so much popularity can be so simple and simple.

He does not refuse to talk about any topic.

Of the current ones, I really like interviewing people who have stories of struggle, like Joaquín Cosio.

He has managed to excel in Hollywood, going from teaching in Mexico to succeeding in the US, it is something that keeps him grounded.

6. Who do you dream of interviewing?

interview Alonso Bañuelas, AMLO, president of Mexico, podcast, MundoNOW

I would like to interview former President Barack Obama.

His life story is something that inspires me.

He is a historical figure who managed to transcend and who has always carried a message forward.

Regardless of the errors and successes he had in his mandates.

7. You have done press, radio, television, social media and now podcasts — what do you want to do as a journalist?

Señora Acero, Telemundo, Litzy, Blanca Soto, MundoNOW

Journalism has no limits, in recent years I have realized that life and your career surprise you every day.

From starting by correcting spelling in a local newspaper to having my own podcast in the most important media in the United States.

That is something that makes me very happy and proud, I would love to continue bringing more interviews to more people, whatever the format.

Life is wonderful and so is this career.

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