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Enrique Guzmán says the worst about his grandson while Alejandra Guzmán removes him from her will

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Enrique Guzmán talks about his grandson (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Alejandra Guzmán excludes Apolo from her will.
  • Enrique Guzmán causes controversy for Apolo.
  • Uncertainty about paternity continues.

The singer Alejandra Guzmán has made a forceful decision in the midst of the controversy over the paternity of her godson Apolo.

And she has ended up excluding him from her will and thus marking a break in the family ties surrounding this case.

While the singer’s father has caused a stir after he made a comment about the little boy that has caused annoyance on the social media.

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Family controversy over Apollo

Enrique Guzmán talks about Apolo, Enrique Guzmán, Alejandra Guzmán, DNA test, Maxine Woodside
Enrique Guzmán talks about Apolo PHOTO Meznivel

The legal dispute between Luis Enrique Guzmán and his ex-partner, Mayela Laguna, over the paternity of Apolo has not yet found a definitive resolution.

This week, headlines once again focused on the case after Enrique Guzmán, father of Luis Enrique and Alejandra, made controversial comments regarding the child’s appearance.

Which ended up triggering a series of reactions and public statements.

And the singer did not hesitate to point out that he felt disappointed in the situation as it was his first male grandchild.

Enrique Guzmán talks about Apolo

Enrique Guzmán, Alejandra Guzmán, DNA test, Maxine Woodside, Apolo
PHOTO Mezheat

However, his statements were not just that, but he revealed what was a comment made by Silvia Pinal.

«The first was Silvia, who said: ‘I have never had a grandson as Chinese, as black as this pinch… boy,» Guzmán said.

The singer pointed out on Maxine Woodside’s program that they were Silvia Pinal’s statements when she met little Apolo.

However, it was these words that ended up causing a stir on social media, where they disapproved of the singer’s behavior.

They react to Guzmán’s comments

Enrique Guzmán, Alejandra Guzmán, DNA test, Mexico, Singer
PHOTO Mezcalo

In the program ‘De Primera Mano’, they mentioned the controversial statements shared by the singer in the interview with Maxine Woodside.

Users on social media quickly shared their opinions in relation to what Enrique Guzmán said and disapproved of what he said.

«Disastrous guy», «This man should no longer give interviews. It is seen that he is no longer in full use of his faculties», «He makes the face of a devil when he talks about the child», people commented.

«How horrible this man is, and how ugly that the child has to see this in such a sad future,» «This man has already gone crazy, he needs a psychiatrist,» they said.

Alejandra Guzmán removes him from her will

Singer, Maxine Woodside, DNA test, Mexico, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezcalo

On the other hand, it was revealed that Alejandra Guzmán had included Apolo in her will, a decision that has now been reversed, according to information published by infobae.

According to close sources, this exclusion occurred after the statement issued by Luis Enrique Guzmán where he disassociated himself from the minor as he was not his biological son.

When asked by the media, Alejandra Guzmán did not hide her discomfort when addressing this topic and confirmed what had been rumored: Apolo is no longer part of her will.

«Apolo is not the grandson (of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán) and now, nothing happens, the years have passed,» said the singer, evidencing her desire to close this chapter.

DNA test canceled

The uncertainty about Apolo’s paternity continues, especially after Enrique Guzmán mentioned that the DNA test had been canceled by Mayela Laguna.

“The girl (Mayela Laguna) did her little act and has her father well covered, because the father must also be involved,” he said in an interview with journalist Maxine Woodside.

This situation has generated speculation and various comments in the media, making it clear that this story still has many chapters to reveal.

In the midst of the controversy, Alejandra Guzmán is firm in her decision to break legal ties with Apolo, marking a turning point in this complex family plot.

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