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Empowering Women: 5 Reasons why Nely Galán’s Book, SELF MADE, Is a Must-Read

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We all know and love Nely Galán. After all, in 2012 she brought us The Adelante Movement, giving Latinas a platform to network, train, and connect with one another on all matters related to empowering women through financial self-reliance. Truth be told, Nely gave us a home, a place to really grow.

Which is why we cannot contain our excitement about her latest project, SELF MADE, a platform that includes a book, a website, an app (available on apple and android), a national tour, and a video series about self-made women—focused on empowering ALL women—and especially other multi-cultural women—to control their futures by taking charge of their financial realities right now.

SELF MADE will encourage you to take control of your future

A woman with a book as SELF MADE

SELF MADE is a not just a book—it’s a veritable manifesto. It’s for any woman who is ready to take control of her financial future, on her terms. The book is as much a jolt of inspiration as it is a how-to. It’s a comprehensive outline of not only how to understand, but also what it really takes to become self-reliant.

So, as you start assembling your summer reading list, or thinking about books to gift to college grads in your life (or any woman in your life!), here are 10 reasons why we say SELF MADE is a must-read:

1. It Demystifies the Prospect of Success


It shows women—be they seasoned in business or completely new to it—that taking action fosters growth. Nely’s tone strikes a perfect balance of tough love and compassion that gives the reader just enough confidence and inspiration to start chiseling away at the tasks.

2. Nely’s “isms” Are Mantras for Life


Her signature insights such as Don’t Buy Shoes, Buy Buildings and Kill Prince Charming are at once fun, funny and fundamental—but more than anything, they lay the groundwork for what it means to achieve self-reliance in the modern world.

3. Her Own Story Inspires


Nely teaches by example. By learning about Nely Galán’s own experience as a multi-faceted entrepreneur, we glean lessons about what it takes to “make it” and call your own shots.We learn the principles she espouses because she puts them into context through episodes and stories from her own life and career. When it comes to empowering women, Nely walks the walk and she talks the talk.

4. It’s a Comprehensive Read

A woman reading a women's book

SELF MADE is equal parts memoir, blueprint and guiding light. It’s a perfect balance of Nely Galán’s own success story fused with a gritty curriculum of her action-oriented principles that poise all women for success.

5. It Speaks to Every Woman

Woman drinking coffee while reading SELF MADE

This book belongs on every woman’s reading list, whether she’s a millennial ready to take on the world, or any woman seeking to break out of the rat-race and forge an economic future that is driven by her truth.

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