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Emma Coronel shows her rear as only she knows how to do it (PHOTOS)

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  • Photos of Emma Coronel appear before being arrested
  • Chapo Guzmán’s wife shows off her butt from bed
  • Colonel Aispuro was arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Chapo Guzmán wife Emma Coronel rear. Before detained, Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán’s wife, Emma Coronel, was a celebrity in the world of social networks, and she constantly captivated her followers with her spectacular photos where she boasted of the beauty she has, and each publication went viral.

It should be remembered that former model, is in prison at the moment still awaiting his sentence, by the judge who will rule how many years Colonel Aispuro will spend imprisoned, and is that he is accused of having helped her husband escape from prison, in the famous narco tunnel.

Emma Coronel from the bed showing her huge butt

wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear
Emma Coronel wife Chapo rear bed (Instagram)

Through an Instagram account created by the fans of the now-detained wife of Chapo, called ‘Emma Coronela’ you can see an image of Emma Coronel lying on a bed covering her face while making the sign of ‘love and peace’, and is promoting another social network account.

In the image of Coronel Aispuro, she wears a white blouse with black sleeves, her long black hair is loose, but what strikes are her fitted leggings where she shows her enormous rear and with the designer’s brand on the lower part of her left leg. , same that has crossed lying on the bed.

Emma Coronel’s butt from above

wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear 2
PHOTO: Instagram. @emmacoronell_fans

Everything seems to indicate that the sensual photos of the wife of the drug trafficker Chapo Guzmán, have ended until he knows the sentence that they give him in his trial, according to rumors, the former model will be waiting many years behind bars, for the crimes committed.

In this image you can see Coronel, showing her rear as only she knows how to do it and the followers did not take long to be present, to send their compliments: “You will always be the queen of queen congratulations Emma, ​​your beauty is infinite and beyond that, greetings ”.

Chapo’s wife shows her butt in a narco tunnel?

wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear 3

One of the images that has caused the most controversy, is where the former model who is now detained, appears showing off her sensual figure, in what appears to be a tunnel, where many users were confused, thinking that it was that way where she escaped her husband.

The followers were present in the comments: “If she is good and all a queen no longer talk about Queen Emma Coronel she is more cabr … than all of you together “,” Excellent woman! Beautiful in every sense of the word ”,“ Very pretty, very pretty, very good woman ”.

Colonel Aispuro always showing his rear

wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear 3
PHOTO: Instagram. @emmacoronell_fans

The figure of Emma Coronel has always turned on the public and social networks, and it is that in most of her publications, she appears showing her enormous rear, in different outfits that makes the temperature rise in the Internet users who admire and follow her .

In this image you can see the 31-year-old girl, wearing a white checkered blouse, accompanied by quite tight jeans, this highlights her butt, which by habit always tries to get the camera to focus on that part of his body, which captivates everyone.

Chapo’s wife is a real Barbie

wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear 4

Chapo’s wife faces charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana in the United States, so it is not yet known how long she will be detained, to continue delighting the pupils of her fans, in shared photos that melt all men .

Blessings very nice the decoration I showed it to my 8 year old daughter and now she wants a very nice Barbie party all “,”@emmacoronell Is the account handled by Emma? Apart from her private account ”, these were some of the messages that the photo of Emma received, with a Barbie decoration.

Pure elegance that of Emma Coronel


Something that distinguishes Chapo Guzmán’s wife is that she always maintains elegance ahead, through her outfits, a port that signifies class above all else, unfortunately all the luxuries she had and presumed are over and now she is suffering isolated in jail.

In this publication you can see the former beauty queen looking classy, ​​wearing a fine black suit: “Pretty and beautiful as always!”, “Elegant and pretty, greetings”, “What a beauty of a woman Emma”, like this some of his followers reacted on social networks.

Great attributes of the former beauty queen

It is worth mentioning that the huge butt of the former beauty queen, Emma Coronel, is not the one part of her body that leaves her fans with their mouths open, and is that in different snapshots, she has been seen to show off her great attributes, and users have been lustful.
In one of her photos, Emma Coronel performs a photo shoot, where she wears an elegant long gray dress, with a large neckline that has drawn several sighs, as the model amazes by showing off part of her breasts to the spectators who are at the pending what is published of it. Filed as wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear

The silhouette of Colonel Aispuro that melts men


Emma Coronel is a celebrity on social networks, and with so few publications on her Instagram account, she has managed to get an incredible number of followers, who are always attentive to what happens in the daily life of Chapo’s wife Guzman.

The model in this image is standing on the side of a pool, looking towards the horizon, while showing off her spectacular figure, wearing a beautiful and sexy flowery dress and platform shoes, which make her huge butt stand out even more. . Filed as wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear

Emma Coronel’s beauty is unmatched


The sensuality of the former beauty queen, is constantly demonstrated, in each of her photos, and it is that she always impacts with her beauty, in this snapshot the model is observed showing breasts, with a very low-cut dress, and too short, that has turned on social networks.

It should be remembered that Coronel Aispuro has been involved in the world of drug trafficking since she was a child, since her father was a well-known drug trafficker, and despite the fact that Emma participated from a very young age in beauty pageants where she even won them, she married at 18 years old with the Capo de Sinaloa. Filed as wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear

Angel gaze


Today on her Instagram account, where she identifies herself as @therealemmacoronel, she has more than 657 thousand followers, with whom she shares her passion for luxury and fashion, Emma Coronel lives life very differently than she did before since She is suffering in prison where she is awaiting trial.

What a beautiful look you have my little piece of heaven “,” I see you sad Mrs. Reyna “,” Very beautiful woman Emma “,” Those sexy eyes and the way you act make me think, and those lips … I beg the fifth (no comment) “Were the messages they made in this image of the former beauty queen. Filed as wife Chapo Guzmán Emma Coronel rear Some images are from this video

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